New National Independent Lodging Assoc. Launches Today

Will promote consumer choice in the travel industry and support the free-market against attempts to limit competition.

Mar 08, 2011, 13:42 ET from Independent Lodging Industry Association

SACRAMENTO, Calif., March 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Independent Lodging Industry Association (ILIA) officially launches nationally today and exists to promote, protect and advance the interests of independent lodging owners and their management teams, and to provide a network of resources to support member efficiency, profitability and professionalism.  With nearly 1,000 members across the country ILIA's mission is to provide an outlet to small business, independent hoteliers in all states to have representation in Washington D.C. and their State Capitol.  ILIA exists to promote consumer choice in the travel industry and support the free-market against attempts to limit competition.

"Every year, laws are passed that impact the lodging industry.  In many ways, independent lodging owners are more similar to other small businesses than they are to the chain hotels and corporate franchises that currently dominate the policy making process," noted ILIA executive director Bobbie Singh-Allen.

"Certainly we do have some common ground, but for the most part independently owned hotels currently do not have a seat at the table.  Fair franchising laws, burdensome tax regulations, transient occupancy taxes, and many other issues are decided in halls of the state capitols from Sacramento to Tallahassee, and Atlanta to Albany.  ILIA will help level that playing field."

The Independent Lodging Industry Association (ILIA) was founded by The California Lodging Industry Association (CLIA) in 2010, although today is its official national launch. ILIA is already actively advocating legislation affecting independent lodging owners in Florida, California and Washington D.C.  CLIA was founded in 1946 and represents the voice of California's lodging owners and operators.  

Most ILIA members are individual owners of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, franchise hotels, resorts and other non-chain lodging and recreation facilities.  ILIA is headquartered in Sacramento, CA.  For more information on ILIA and to view our media information kit please visit our website link at:

SOURCE Independent Lodging Industry Association