New Oclaro Laser Line Filters Reduce Background Noise and Offer Compatibility With Oclaro Laser Diodes

As a Leading Manufacturer of Both Thin Film Filters and Laser Diodes, Oclaro Helps Customers Reduce Development Costs, Speed Time-to-Market, and Ensure Compatibility

Dec 13, 2010, 08:00 ET from Oclaro, Inc.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 13, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Oclaro, Inc. (Nasdaq: OCLR), a tier-one provider of innovative optical communications and laser solutions, today announced a new line of Clarity™ laser line filters specifically designed to suppress amplified spontaneous emissions (ASE) that occur in Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) laser systems and improve the signal to noise performance of laser systems.  These new filters are ideal for the growing life sciences and analytical markets, and when combined with Oclaro laser diodes, provide customers with significant cost and time-to-market advantages by eliminating the need to work with multiple suppliers on critical components.

The new Oclaro filters can reduce the background noise on the laser and provide superior signal to noise performance for the laser manufacturers' customers.  As a leading supplier of both laser diodes and filter products, Oclaro can speed customers' time-to-market, reduce development cost and simplify a customer's business by reducing the number of suppliers they have to manage in their design cycle. Furthermore, customers benefit from Oclaro's world-class manufacturing excellence and innovation that was perfected in the telecommunications industry and is now being leveraged across a diverse set of markets, such as the solid state laser market.

"With the introduction of the new Clarity line filters, Oclaro once again brings its expertise developed in the telecom world to industrial applications," said Yves Le Maitre, Executive Vice President and Division Manager at Oclaro  "Customers not only benefit from having a single source supplier for all their filter and diode needs, but also from Oclaro's world-renowned manufacturing excellence, ability to quickly scale to high-volumes and achieve attractive price points."

About the New Family of Clarity Line Filters

Oclaro's family of Clarity line filters uses proprietary high-energy reactive magnetron sputter technology known as AED (Advanced Energetic Deposition) to produce highly-reliable hard coated filters. The laser line filter combines high transmission (> 90% at the laser line), sharp spectral edges, and deep out-of-band blocking (> OD6) optimized to meet the needs of high-performance laser systems.  Oclaro's coating capabilities extend from 350 nm to 2000 nm, thus enabling laser line filters for a wide wavelength range.  The filters are available for 488 nm and 532 nm laser systems and are sampling to customers today.

One Supplier:  A Complete Solution

The new Oclaro filters complement the company's complete line of high-powered laser products, and when used together, deliver significant advantages to Oclaro customers. As a tier-one provider of high-power diodes to many of the leading laser manufacturers in the world, the new Clarity laser line filters represents immediate and significant design win opportunities for Oclaro.

About Oclaro

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