New On NineSights: NineSigma Announces The Newest Opportunities for Innovators

Organizations Across Industries Around the Globe Are Promoting Prize-Based Competitions and Technology Needs on NineSights

Nov 18, 2015, 12:09 ET from NineSigma

CLEVELAND, Nov. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- NineSigma, the leading innovation partner to companies worldwide, today announced new opportunities for innovators to accelerate their technologies, discoveries, and patents into the marketplace.  

"NineSights is the leading global hub for innovators that want to create connections and access real opportunities to make a measurable difference for leading organizations around the world," said NineSigma CEO Andy Zynga.

The company recently unveiled the latest Grand Challenges, Needs, and Featured Galleries on, a secure community that connects solution seekers with scientific and technical experts.  Following are some of the latest opportunities for solution providers who want to tackle new challenges, earn monetary prizes, and grow their businesses:

Innovation Contests: The NASA Hub

NineSigma is running two new Innovation Challenges for NASA Tournament Lab; the Space Suit Textile Testing Challenge in collaboration with the Advanced Space Suit Project team and the In-Situ Materials Challenge in collaboration with the Kennedy Space Center and Swamp Works. The challenges leverage open innovation to advance visionary aspirations for life in space, and interplanetary travel.

Grand Challenges: Combat Global Climate Change with CCEMC

The second round of the CCEMC Innovative Carbon Uses Grand Challenge is open for submissions until January 18, 2016. This round is focused on near deployable ideas that turn carbon waste into valued resources. Five winners of Round 2 will each receive a $3 million CAD development grant and two years to demonstrate their technology in Alberta.  One of the five will be selected to win the Round 3 grand prize of $10 million CAD in commercialization grants.

Innovation Galleries: From Xerox PARC to GlaxoSmithKline

Entrepreneurs, inventors and other solution providers now have entry points for potential collaborations with major organizations through newly launched galleries for PARC, A Xerox company, GlaxoSmithKline, and Natural Resources Canada. The Ohio Third Frontier gallery, is supporting job creation and economic vitality through open innovation, and entering its final phase. These and other global organizations are actively seeking new technologies or collaborators through their Innovation Galleries on NineSights. These Gallery sponsors are open to all qualified innovators, whatever their size, industry or location.

Sample of Needs posted: From chemistry to confectionary challenges, air valve technologies to WiFi enabled appliance solutions and more

  • Electrolux is interested in solutions for WiFi enabled "Connected Ready" appliances that can address consumer pain points in the laundry process.
  • GlaxoSmithKline seeks a method of detecting glass particles in aqueous solutions in glass vials.
  • Haier seeks partners to design and supply controlled humidity storage cabinets for 'dry' storage within a domestic refrigerator.
  • ICL Innovation is looking for bio and plant stimulants that promote increased resilience and health.
  • IncWell is searching for mature air valve technology for development and partnerships.
  • Johnson Controls seeks alternatives to chrome and zinc coatings.
  • Metro Atlanta Chamber, representing a Global Supply Chain and Logistics Company, invites proposals describing technology enabling the tracking of valuable assets and products within the supply chain.
  • Mondelez International seeks confectionery fillings that create novel experiences, to surprise and delight customers.
  • NRCAN and IFIT with Corruven are exploring new market applications for Corruven® Core, a strong, yet lightweight composite core material made from renewable and sustainable forest products.
  • Ohio Third Frontier, representing A Global Apparel Manufacturer is looking for innovative technologies to replace hook-and-loop fasteners as a mechanism for creating secure closures on protective gear and apparel.
  • PARC is helping those interested in Data Analytics gain new insights through its sophisticated and patented methods with their technology and analytics offerings on NineSights.
  • Pfizer is interested in establishing collaborations with clinicians, academic researchers, and biotechnology companies to develop and progress serum and/or imaging markers of NAFLD and hepatic fibrosis.
  • Sealed Air is searching for indicators and sensors to dramatically improve cleaning efficiency by reducing duplicative efforts, while ensuring that all surfaces have been treated in accord with established cleaning protocols.
  • TataSteel is looking for a robust, protective coating, transparent to UV and visible wavelengths for a highly reflective metallic surface.
  • Unilever is searching for a natural and food-grade technology which allows for a long lasting green color to be used on herbs and vegetables.
  • Yanfeng seeks a thin, formable, and tunable light source that can be formed under a decorative surface material to illuminate the printed graphic image on the surface.

Innovators interested in responding and joining the NineSights community are in excellent company, together with Ph.D. level experts across disciplines, and several Nobel Prize winners. Click here for more about NineSigma's solution providers and sign up today.

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