New Online Freedom Academy Launched

Oct 28, 2013, 13:36 ET from PJ Media, LLC

A place where people can rediscover freedom and liberty, one generation at a time

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Oct. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- PJ Media, LLC today launched its newest venture, the online Freedom Academy®. Led by world-renowned scholar Victor Davis Hanson, the academy brings to life the ideas, people, literature and empires that originated and cultivated the principles of freedom and liberty over thousands of years.

"Many Americans yearn for a rebirth of the values that have sustained Western civilization, which is why we're launching the Freedom Academy," said Victor Davis Hanson, director of the Freedom Academy. "As Ronald Reagan warned, 'Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,' so we have created the Freedom Academy as the place where current and future generations can rediscover freedom and liberty."

One way to rediscover these Western values is through the Freedom Academy® Book Club. The Book Club is a free forum where people who cherish freedom and liberty can revisit historical texts that shaped America's destiny in addition to contemporary books that influence today's debates about the country's founding principles.

"As we transition from the brick and mortar store fronts to online book discovery, the Freedom Academy Book Club bridges the gap by connecting publishers to an online community of thoughtful readers," said Roger Kimball, publisher at Encounter Books and PJ Media Columnist.

The club features book insights and recommendations from its Literary Panel, interviews with authors, and an interactive bookshelf to help you build and organize a reading list. Club members also can rate and review their favorite books as well as add recommendations to the mix.

"The Freedom Academy Book Club is an online, participative experience that encourages bibliophiles to join the discussion about the core beliefs that make America great," said Victor Davis Hanson, Freedom Academy director. "The Book Club is truly a digital community for the thoughtful reader."

In addition to Victor Davis Hanson and PJ Media co-founder Roger L. Simon, the literary panel currently includes National Review Online editor-at-large Jonah Goldberg, editor-at-large Ben Shapiro and Encounter Books publisher Roger Kimball.

The Freedom Academy also launched its lecture series, consisting of visually rich and intellectually deep content, in both video and e-book formats, for those lifetime students of history and liberty.

Victor Davis Hanson has created and narrated three video lecture series that will be posted online at

  • "The Odyssey of Western Civilization" takes its viewers on a 2,500-year adventure across the landscape of Western civilization, shining a spotlight on its thinkers, literature, empires, cultures, religions, and wars.
  • "The Western Story" connects the dots between the classical Greek and Roman worlds and our world today, making the case for looking into this mirror of antiquity to better understand what is happening today.
  • "History in the News" shows how the principles of Western civilization play out in our modern world.  For example, one lecture correlates America's founding principles and its modern-day business marvels like Amazon and Google.

Scott Ott has created and narrated a fourth video lectures series for the Freedom Academy.  Entitled "Freedom's Charter," it goes behind the scene to illustrate the path to, and creation of, the U.S. Constitution.

The Freedom Academy's online video lectures and companion e-books are offered for purchase on its website The Freedom Academy Book Club is free, and it is a place where those who cherish freedom and liberty can explore books that shape our destiny.

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The latest offering from PJ Media is the Freedom Academy®.  Launched in October 2013, the Freedom Academy is the online address where people rediscover freedom and liberty, one generation at a time.  The special features and content of the Freedom Academy assist in this rediscovery.  At the Freedom Academy's Book Club, people enjoy recommendations on books from its literary panel, interviews with authors and an interactive bookshelf, as well as rate and review books themselves, all for free online.  By watching the Freedom Academy's video lecture series and/or reading its e-books, people gain an understanding of the origin and evolution of the ideas and empires that shaped Western civilization.   All this content can be found at

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