New Online Platform Whoopaa Separates Personal and Business Social Networks

Startup Receives Half a Million Investment, Launches Free iPhone App

Mar 16, 2011, 08:45 ET from Whoopaa

AMSTERDAM, March 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- No one wants their boss to know what they're doing on the weekend. So Internet users are increasingly looking for a social platform that makes it easy to keep private posts separate from professional ones. Three young Dutch entrepreneurs found the solution in Whoopaa, a free online platform and free IPhone app that allows you to manage your social networks from a dashboard, and separate private and professional communication.


Whoopaa's creators received an investment of more than half a million dollars to develop the platform, and it's now ready to conquer the world. "Whoopaa is a perfect fit with the variety of relationships people have with each other," said Bas Prass, one of Whoopaa's co-founders. "In real life we often try to keep our professional and our private lives separate. Following someone on Twitter for professional reasons, and reading about how their cat has gone missing, can be irritating."

How It Works

Although most Internet users still use social media in a private context, there is an international shift toward professional use. "You increasingly see that companies are starting to apply social media as a professional means of communication," said Bas Prass. "This makes a separation in the messaging important." Whoopaa offers Internet users the possibility to manage their personal and business life online and switch between those identities by clicking a single button. In addition users are able to integrate their social networks Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin in order to have them all aggregated into one social network.


Whoopaa's creators are ambitious and busy developing new Whoopaa services including:

    - A match system for professionals who want to exchange knowledge and

    - A private match system for online dating

    Whoopaa expects to reach 100.000 users by the end of this year.
    About Whoopaa:

Whoopaa is the first worldwide social platform where Internet users can connect, integrate and manage their social networks and separate private and professional communication. Whoopaa is a combination of 'Whoop', the cry of joy, and 'aa' for 'All activities'. Whoopaa is based in the Netherlands and was founded by Bas Prass (21), Sezan Keers (22) and Rens Netten (21).

SOURCE Whoopaa