New Online Tool Alleviates Some Potential Sleeve Gastrectomy Patient Worries

A new personalized risk assessment calculator based on recently released data can help patients decide if a sleeve gastrectomy performed by Dr. Michael Feiz is right for them.

Nov 28, 2014, 21:00 ET from Dr. Feiz and Associates

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Many patients considering a sleeve gastrectomy procedure or other surgical weight loss options were relieved last month when a major study concluded that complications as a result of bariatric surgery were much less common than previously believed. Now, the authors of that study have compiled the data into a free online tool that allows patients to get a personalized risk calculation based on their gender, Body Mass Index (BMI), medical history and a variety of other factors. While this tool provides a much needed starting point for curious potential weight loss surgery patients, one factor that it does not consider is the skill and experience of the bariatric surgeon. With a reassuring zero percent mortality rate (compared to a 0.05% national rate), Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. is an outstanding choice for patients who have safety as their primary concern.

On average, only 2.4% of all sleeve gastrectomy patients experienced any adverse complications as a result of their surgery. The online tool is a great way to see if your personal risk would fall above or below that number. In general, women have a slightly lower risk of complications than men. A male with diabetes and a BMI of 45 - typical for a sleeve patient – has a 3.7% chance of complications where a woman with the same characteristics only has a 2.2% chance of having any problems. Diabetes, an extremely common problem in overweight and obese patients who turn to the sleeve procedure, is also a factor in determining risk. If that same woman with a BMI of 45 did not have diabetes, the probability of her having complications would drop all the way down to 1.4%, less than 1 in 70.

Dr. Feiz notes that the health benefits that his patients see after getting the sleeve procedure far outweigh the risks in almost all cases. Jessenia Reyes is one of these patients who saw great results. In early 2013, the 27 year-old weighed 225 pounds and suffered from high cholesterol, joint pain, and depression. After going over the risks with Dr. Feiz she decided to have sleeve surgery, and is more than thrilled with the results. Nine months after the surgery she had already lost 95 pounds and is reporting extremely positive results. Her cholesterol also dropped to normal levels and her knee and joint pain has gone away.

While the new online tool is a great start for people who are curious about this outstanding procedure, the best way to fully understand your own personal risks is with a consultation with an experienced bariatric surgeon like Dr. Feiz. Please contact Dr. Feiz and his team today by visiting the Dr. Feiz and Associates website or by calling 800-868-5946.


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