New parents can prepare for winter with a humidifier for baby

Nov 09, 2015, 14:42 ET from Aprilaire

MADISON, Wis., Nov. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- While everyone benefits from properly humidified air, the delicate skin and young immune system of a baby means he or she is especially prone to problems from dry air. One way to combat dry skin is with a humidifier, which adds moisture to the air by creating water vapor. From dry skin, colds, sore throats and coughs; a whole-home humidifier is the right solution for many parents.

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Why is proper humidification important for babies?

In the winter, indoor relative humidity plummets as the house is heated. Dry air aggravates eczema, can cause bloody noses and increases the chances of getting the cold and flu. Adding humidity to the air is one way to ensure skin and mucus membranes don't dry out, according to WebMD.

Newborns are more likely to get sick than older adults in the house and many immunizations can't be administered until a child is older. Furthermore, when babies do have the cold or a flu, over-the-counter symptom remedies for adults are not safe for young babies. Proper humidity control can reduce these comfort and health issues.

The skin, eyes, nose and throat of babies will all benefit from humidified air. Additionally, scientific studies on PLOS Journal show the influenza virus is less infective in air where the humidity level is above 40 percent. If a child does become sick, humidified air can also help relieve symptoms. 

Whole-home humidifier for baby versus portable

Understanding the need for a more natural way to combat the ill effects of dry air on health and comfort, many parents consider a small humidifier for their nursery. However, a whole-home solution from Aprilaire is a better choice for many families. If a whole-home humidifier is an option, it has many benefits.

  • Humidity is controlled throughout the house: While portable units can be an acceptable humidifier for baby when he or she is in the nursery, the rest of the house will remain dry. Aprilaire humidifiers can keep baby comfortable and healthy throughout the house.
  • Hidden and quiet: A whole-house humidifier is installed in the basement or HVAC closet and is whisper quiet, if not completely silent. The fan noise or bubbling of a portable unit could interfere with your child's sleep. There is also no danger of tripping over cords and spilling hot water with a whole-home unit.
  • Very low maintenance: Portable humidifiers need water added to their tanks every day. They also have filters that may need changing and frequent cleaning is required to reduce mold, mildew, harmful bacteria and scale. A whole-home unit is plumbed directly to a home's water, so there is no tank to fill. The only maintenance is an annual change of the water panel or steam canister.

A humidifier for baby that can mitigate dry air throughout the entire house should be considered by all new parents who find their home's air unsatisfactory during the winter months. Aprilaire offers the right solution for all family members and can help homeowners find a dealer near them.

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