New PetArmorPro™ Advanced: The Next Level in Vet-quality, Fast-acting Protection Against Fleas and Ticks

PetArmor® Launches New PetArmorPro™ Advanced for Significantly Less than Frontline® Plus

Apr 09, 2013, 10:00 ET from PetArmor

YARDLEY, Pa., April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- With winter weather finally behind us and spring in full swing, today PetArmor® introduced PetArmorPro Advanced, a new topical flea and tick treatment. PetArmorPro Advanced contains the same No.1 vet-recommended active ingredient, fipronil, found in Frontline® Plus, but combines it with an additional active ingredient.  Together, the combination is clinically proven to kill adult fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes faster than Frontline® Plus.  It even repels to keep these pests from biting in the first place, which Frontline® Plus does not do.  PetArmorPro Advanced is a great option for dogs that live and play in heavily flea and tick infested areas. The product's fast-acting flea and tick protection repels the insects from biting, reducing the risk of disease transmission and skin damage.

"By making flea and tick products affordable and accessible, we are able to help families better protect their dogs and promote overall better pet health through the prevention of the diseases these insects can carry, or infections resulting from bites," said Alex Kaufman, President and CEO of FidoPharm, the makers of PetArmor®. "PetArmorPro Advanced is the ideal solution for pet parents who want to provide their dog with vet-quality flea and tick protection at a much more affordable price. PetArmor's® 'Protection Guarantee' promises to protect your dog as well as Frontline® Plus or PetArmor® will refund the purchase price."

Available for dogs of all sizes, PetArmorPro Advanced is designed for monthly use with easy-to-use, disposable applicators.  PetArmorPro Advanced treatments are formulated for dogs in five sizes: Toy, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. The products are currently available at Walmart, and retail at $29 for a 3-month supply. For more information on PetArmorPro Advanced and the PetArmor® "Protection Guarantee," visit

About PetArmor®

FidoPharm® is a leading, science-based pet health company committed to improving the overall health of pets across the United States by creating vet-quality products that are affordable and accessible. The FidoPharm portfolio includes PetArmor® & PetArmorPro Advanced flea and tick products that have the same No.1 veterinarian active ingredient as the leading vet-brand. As part of the Perrigo Company, a leading global manufacturer of OTC healthcare products, PetArmor® offers clinically proven tested products at about half the price of comparable brand name and prescription treatments. PetArmor® products are available at major national retailers. For more information, please visit


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