New Poll From Shows Britons Fear 2010 Will be the Worst Year in a Decade, but Remain Positive Over Sporting Achievements

Jan 20, 2010, 04:00 ET from Triviala

LONDON, January 20 /PRNewswire/ -- New research revealed yesterday that the majority of Brits were dreading 2010 when up against all previous years of the last decade.

A poll of over 1000 people across the UK, conducted by online quiz site, revealed a mind blowing one third of people polled are predicting 2010 to be the most unfavourable year of the previous decade. In fact, in comparison to the year 2003, which only received 2% of the votes, you can't help but think back to what we once had and what we may have taken for granted.

This came down to the research showing that more than half of people polled felt that the UK economy was not likely to improve in the coming year. Plus, 55% of people were considerably worried about the risk of unemployment for both themselves and their families in the year 2010.

In addition to this, nearly a quarter of this year's New year resolutions were based clearly around money with the usual promises of eating less chocolate, going to the gym more and curbing our bad habits taking a back seat.

Scott O Donnell, spokesman for said: "it's not surprising the survey suggests 75% of people will be using more online discount vouchers in the coming year. We are all looking to the web for entertainment and ways to save."

Other things suggesting 2010 is predicted to be the gloomiest year ever, 60% of people are convinced we are going to endure another typically disappointing wet British summer. Ironically, we have already started out the year with one of the coldest spells on record. What's even harder to swallow for us Brits is the majority will be taking fewer holidays as opposed to previous years of traditional summer getaways abroad.

However gloomy these stats prove to be, there was one significant front runner that positively shone through and united Brits as a whole. This was the strong faith and belief in this year's upcoming sporting events and continuation of sporting achievements from over the last few years. After such overwhelming successes as the 2009 England Ashes win, another Formula One victory in Jenson Button, not to mention an array of medals won at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a staggering 70% of people polled believe this year will be bigger and better for the nations sports.

The stresses of work and financial worries are put aside when we're watching our national teams compete. Our British patriotism unites and we back our sporting heroes together at the sporting venues, at home or at the local pub with family and friends.

Ultimately, even though 2010 has been suggested to be the worst year for many years concerning the economy, saving money, the predicted wet summer etc, there is still hope. There is an obvious solution that gives the majority of us a release and a positive outlook on everyday challenges all us Brits face.

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