New Poll Released: Americans Believe Western Value of Gender Equality Trumps Religious Law

NEW O'LEARY REPORT POLL RELEASED: Americans believe Islam to be gender-biased, and that the U.S. Judicial system should uphold American principles and laws of gender-equality instead of Islamic Sharia law.

Nov 24, 2015, 08:30 ET from The O'Leary Report

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Brad O'Leary, publisher of and former NBC News Radio/Westwood One talk show host, is the author of the The United States Citizens' Handbook and former feature writer for USA Today Weekend magazine. Brad comments on a recent poll by Zogby International regarding Islam and gender equality. Find Brad's response below and on

The O'Leary Report contracted with Zogby International to run questions about American attitudes on how Sharia law impacts American voters on the issue of gender equality.  Zogby International did a four-question poll of 1,002 people, which were asked over the weekend of November 5-7, 2015.  The poll has a margin of error of 3.2%. 

The first question was "Islam and Sharia law are inherently gender-biased against women."  59% of America voters strongly agree with that statement, while 16% somewhat agree for a total of 75% of American voters having a negative opinion.  5% strongly disagree and 4% somewhat disagree, and 15% are either not familiar or not sure. 

A second question was asked about domestic abuse.  "According to Islamic Sharia law, husbands can forcibly discipline their wives.  In a hypothetical situation, if a police officer were called to the scene of a domestic abuse incident in the United States, and the couple involved is Muslim who follow the dictates of Sharia law, and the husband has been beating his wife, what should the police officer do?"

a) Respect the husband's right under Sharia law that allows him to beat his wife – 5%
b) Arrest the husband for assault – 75%
c) Arrest both the husband and wife for disorderly conduct – 9%
d) Leave the scene – 2%
e) Not sure – 9%

The next question asked was, "Under Islamic Sharia law, a woman is forbidden to accuse a man of rape unless she has multiple witnesses.  Should the United States' judicial system refrain from prosecuting Muslim men who force themselves sexually on their wives if there is only one witness?"  9% of American voters strongly agree with that statement.  5% somewhat agree.  63% strongly disagree and 6% somewhat disagree, with 15% not familiar or not sure. 

Finally, the last question that was asked on the subject of gender equality was, "The western Christian value of gender equality that has vastly expanded worldwide over the last century is limited at best in many Muslim nations.  Should American foreign policy serve as a means to liberate women in Muslim countries from Sharia law, or should it respect Sharia law and Islam in those countries that practice it?"  45% of American voters believe that America should use it a means to liberate Muslim women.  23% believe we should respect Sharia law in countries where it is practiced.  32% of voters are not sure.

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SOURCE The O'Leary Report