New Preval Product Takes the Pain Out of Spraying

Nov 12, 2012, 15:38 ET from Preval

CHICAGO, Nov. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Preval has introduced the world's finest aerosol gun handle to its award-winning line of products. The vGrip 2-in-1 handle and ergonomic trigger is now available in retailers across North America, through marine and automotive paint and body distribution, and online at  The vGrip attaches easily to the company's iconic Preval Sprayer as well as any other standard aerosol can. With a low manufacturer suggested retail price of $4.95, the vGrip allows all aerosol paint applications to be achieved with zero finger fatigue and maximum spray comfort.


"For those who are frequent aerosol sprayers, people with arthritis and OR other conditions, the vGrip is a finger-saver," said Preval President Sam Averbuch. "It is designed to take the pain out of spraying."

The device is built with an ergonomic trigger that accommodates 4-finger use as opposed to market standards that allow room for only 1 or 2 fingers. Distributing pressure among a greater number of fingers makes spraying much easier and more comfortable. Preval manufactures the majority of its products in the United States and is proud the vGrip is also made in the United States and from recycled plastic materials. The durable construction withstands repeated use.

Preval is best-known for its professional-grade Sprayer, a unique product that provides an affordable, portable and precise alternative to compressor-dependent spray guns. It also more recently added the vFan Portable Airbrush System to its product line, as well as a number of portable energy devices that give users the flexibility to complete projects in any environment regardless of the availability of a power source. Like the Sprayer, the vFan system is able to deliver 1/16-inch detail adjusting to a 3-inch fan pattern for professional results, including paint flow control, at a fraction of the cost and effort of competitors' touch-up and spray systems.

"Continuous innovation is one of our highest priorities," Averbuch said. "In addition to adding to our product line, innovation allows us to develop and expand the Preval brand and solidify our stature in the paint, coating and small spray delivery technologies market."

The vGrip was developed in part out of a market assessment that led Averbuch to identify trends in the spray and coating industry. A realization that demand in the industry is driven in part by an aging customer base, an increasing number of expert users, a demand for products manufactured in the United States, a desire for recycled and green products and a preference for products that are easy and comfortable to use.

"But nothing trumps customer satisfaction at Preval, and our main goal in every new product design has always been to solve problems and make it easier for our customers to finish projects faster, better and easier," Averbuch said.

About Preval:

Preval is a rapidly expanding manufacturer of aerosol-based products that deliver consistent, professional spray results. Headquartered near Chicago, Preval is a world leader in the paint and coating industry and offers consumers and industrial entities the most innovative products powered by its proprietary aerosol technology. Preval's products are affordable, precise, portable and disposable, and used in a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, marine, hardware, and arts and crafts. Through its partner company, Chicago Aerosol, Preval offers a wide range of contract filling and private labeling services. Preval currently is sold in more than 50,000 stores throughout the United States as well as hundreds of outlets around the globe. Learn more at