New Product Introduced to Help Fight Effects of Claustrophobia

Healthy Brands LLC launches calmspace(TM) with proprietary natural formula designed to utilize the power of olfactory stimulation in the fight against anxiety and stress

Jun 29, 2010, 08:00 ET from Healthy Brands LLC

CHICAGO, June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- An estimated 33 million Americans suffer from claustrophobia, according to the American Psychiatric Association. Diagnosed or not, these millions of people fight daily battles against anxiety caused by a variety of situations, including crowded trains, planes and subway cars, tight spaces like elevators and jam-packed venues like stadiums, and theaters.  

Claustrophobia can be a debilitating condition and while there are a variety of therapies and treatments that attempt to limit its effects, there has never been a truly convenient, discreet and portable option for those seeking immediate and impactful relief in the event of an ensuing claustrophobic attack.  Now, Healthy Brands LLC is introducing calmspace™, which delivers a proprietary therapeutic formula of 100% natural fragrance extracts that may help manage the anxiety resulting from claustrophobic reactions.  The calmspace blend of organic essential oils has proven effective in most individuals who experience claustrophobia-induced symptoms such as sweating, accelerated heart beat, light headedness, shaking, hyperventilation, and generalized discomfort.

The calmspace product was conceived after the creators reviewed research done previously at a major U.S. medical facility and was developed and tested over the last two years by a team of people motivated to help those whose lives are negatively affected by claustrophobia and related anxiety issues.  In December 2008, a successful study was conducted in Chicago, Illinois with the goal of validating the efficacy of the stress-reducing properties of essential oil formulas developed by Healthy Brands LLC.  

In this study, twenty nine adults with both doctor and self-diagnosed claustrophobia inhaled proprietary blends of natural aromas formulated to the exact specifications of the creators prior to entering a crowded elevator.  During a variety of experiments, 91% of the study participants who reported anxiety prior to boarding the elevator experienced a significant reduction in the effects of space-induced anxiety.  

Based on this information and dozens of positive testimonials from sufferers who have used the product, Healthy Brands LLC will be bringing calmspace to the market in June, 2010.  Two patent-pending formulas, Lavender and Vanilla, will be available.  In addition, both formulas are sold in convenient and portable multi-use packages that will last the user three to six months on average.  

calmspace is easy to use.  It is as simple as removing the cap, placing the scent under the nose and breathing deeply. The strength of the scent can be controlled by holding it either closer or further away from the nose.  And since each container is roughly the size of a tube of lip-balm, it is a discreet and portable solution that can easily be incorporated into anyone's lifestyle or routine.  

"The effectiveness of certain scents has been convincingly demonstrated to be effective in reducing stress," said Michael S. Beaubaire, MD, Medical Director for Healthy Brands Group.  "Based on our research and testing to achieve the optimal formulation, we believe calmspace can provide a natural, convenient, portable alternative for those looking for a solution that fits their lifestyle."  

Both versions of the calmspace product are now available on the company's website,  Both versions are available in convenient multi-use packages and are packaged to be distributed as a retail product, through drug and grocery stores as well as the mass merchandiser channel.  The product is also designed to be sold for immediate use at places where claustrophobic episodes are common, including airports, commuter stops, train stations, and high-rise office buildings.  

SOURCE Healthy Brands LLC