New ProtectFx a Non-Chlorine Option for Poultry Processing

Antimicrobial solutions from SteriFx an answer to new Russian restrictions.

Jan 26, 2010, 08:00 ET from SteriFx Inc.

SHREVEPORT, La., Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Some relief for American poultry processors that wish to export their product to Russia: the newest antimicrobial solutions from SteriFx Inc. are an answer to the Russian ban on chlorine-rinsed poultry.

Its FreshFx line of antimicrobial solutions are all non-chlorine based, and have been in use for On-Line Reprocessing (OLR) and finishing chillers, as well as for applications throughout evisceration and secondary processing. In addition, SteriFx has added another product to replace chlorine in chillers and evisceration waters - ProtectFx.

ProtectFx is a peracetic acid (PAA) product that has an oxidizing chemistry, which can replace chlorine in poultry processing and provide excellent pathogen control. According to a 2008 Auburn University study, PAA was more effective than chlorine in decreasing Salmonella and Campylobacter in poultry carcasses, and the PAA-treated birds showed an extended shelf-life as well.

ProtectFx is easily adapted to current systems, and is cost-effective with minimal equipment required. John Dankert, Ph.D., CEO of SteriFx, says that the company's technical support team will work with poultry processors to optimize the application of ProtectFx for efficacy and efficiency.

"We are experienced, and can move quickly to bring a processing plant into compliance," he says. "For example, we received a call from one of our customers on New Years Eve, asking us to replace all chlorine in their plant with our FreshFx and ProtectFx solutions. By 4 a.m. on the first shift of 2010, they were producing chlorine-free chicken." 

Dankert adds, "Our FreshFx solutions for on-line reprocessing (OLR) have always been chlorine free. Our peracetic acid product was developed to help plants that could not use chlorine due to municipal water treatments that used ammonia, for OLR and salvage. This was in place when the Russians made their recent demands."

SteriFx can also de-chlorinate incoming water to the plant using chemical treatments as opposed to costly filter units. In most municipal water systems, even that level of chlorine is too high to pass Russian regulations. The U.S. contends that chlorinated water is quite safe.

In addition, ProtectFx is an effective strategy for poultry processors if ammonia and/or chloramines are present, if chlorine is a problem due to gassing off or other safety issues, or if an intervention in chillers and finishing chillers is needed.

SteriFx antimicrobial products for OLR have been approved by the USDA, EPA and FDA. They contain non-toxic, low pH, aqueous solutions that have been proven to rapidly control pathogens, are easy to use, and adapted for industrial and consumer applications. While acidic, when used as directed, they are non-toxic to skin and eyes and safe for ingestion and inhalation.  The new peracetic acid products are also easy to adapt to existing systems, and can be used to replace chlorine used in evisceration and chiller waters.

Representatives from SteriFx will be discussing all of its products from booth #5144 at the International Poultry Expo in Atlanta, Jan. 27-29.

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