New PureSense Irrigation Manager(TM) iPhone App Released to iTunes App Store

Innovative Mobile App Proves Useful to Growers for Irrigation Management

Jun 17, 2010, 08:00 ET from PureSense Environmental Inc.

FRESNO, Calif., June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- PureSense Environmental Inc. announced today that its Irrigation Manager(TM) iPhone application is now available through the iTunes App Store.

Built as a mobile platform for PureSense subscribers, the PureSense app brings the reporting power growers have come to expect from Irrigation Manager(TM) to the iPhone, allowing the grower to be more informed, efficient and mobile than ever before.

Cory Wyatt with Eastside Management in Modesto, CA manages over 5400 acres of almonds with PureSense and was a tester for the Irrigation Manager iPhone app beta version.

"With the new app, I'm able to know anything about my soil moisture without having to find a computer," said Wyatt. "It confirms that the irrigation decisions which I've made are actually happening."

Wyatt has 64 PureSense monitoring stations and with the Irrigation Manager iPhone app he can see where he is relative to his stations via the app's map view.

Growers can access timely, accurate data for each monitored irrigation set. With a single tap in the Charts feature, growers can view powerful PureSense charts used to support important irrigation decisions. The Alerts feature enables the viewing and analyzing of all recent moisture or weather related alerts, including frost, heat and wind alerts.

Bob Amarel, Managing Partner with Reason Farms in Yuba City, CA was also a beta tester for the PureSense app. Amarel manages walnuts and prunes and has 4 PureSense monitoring sites. The convenience of having the information at his fingertips proved most valuable.

"Bottom line, it's amazing," said Amarel. "It's like carrying your computer in your pocket. I can be working on something, wonder about my moisture levels, check my phone and know instantly what they are."

"The PureSense app is a must-have for all growers or irrigation managers wanting to spend more time in the field or with their family rather than in the office," said Todd Rickets, Director of Product Management with PureSense.

The app is available through iTunes and is only available to growers with a PureSense login. The Irrigation Manager app can be found at: For more information visit or call 888.882.7873.

About PureSense

In a time when water is a limited resource, PureSense is one of the only companies dedicated to helping growers solve their water-related problems by providing them with the hardware, software and service needed to analyze critical field information. By doing so, growers who use PureSense are seeing an increase in yields, overall plant health and decrease in farm inputs.

SOURCE PureSense Environmental Inc.