New QR Code Makes Paper Business Cards Interactive

New QR Code Adds Digital Features to Ordinary Paper Business Cards

Nov 11, 2015, 08:45 ET from Brandel, Inc.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- A new service is now issuing custom QR Codes that can make ordinary paper business cards mobile-friendly, digitally engaging, and fully interactive. These special QR Codes are (GIF) image files that you simply add to your business card design.

The QR Codes are issued free-of-charge by DigitalCardXYZ (http://www.digitalcard.XYZ), a new service that can upgrade your ordinary paper business card by creating a matching mobile-friendly, digital version of your paper card, which displays all your contact information in the form of interactive contact buttons that make it easier for people to find you and reach you on their smartphone or tablet.

DigitalCardXYZ uses custom QR Codes to link your paper business card to its digital version, enabling your contacts to save an image of your paper card and all your contact information on their mobile devices. Because your digital card is saved in your contacts' phones, it goes anywhere your contacts go, and it can be instantly and remotely updated whenever you need to make changes.

"The best way to experience the power of digital business cards is try it yourself," says DigitalCardXYZ creator Ben Deleon. "Paper business cards are an important tool in societal relations. They help us quickly exchange contact information, on a personal or professional level. But new devices and services that give us better tools for engagement are exposing the limitations of paper business cards. We have the solution that can erase these inadequacies of plain paper."

Visit DigitalCardXYZ website (http://www.digitalcard.XYZ) to learn more about these QR Codes and to get your own QR Code that's specifically designed to link your paper business card to your own digital business card, at no cost to you.

About DigitalCardXYZ

DigitalCardXYZ ( is a new service that enables you to extend the capabilities of your paper business card by giving it interactive features. DigitalCardXYZ is a service of Brandel, Inc., a South Florida-based digital publishing company that has been developing mobile services since 2004.

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