New Remodeling Process Creates Win-Win Situation for Both Homeowners and Remodelers

Jun 12, 2013, 10:47 ET from REMODOLOGY, INC.

ORLANDO, Fla., June 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Plaguing the remodeling industry are horror stories told by both homeowners and remodelers who often deal with conflicts, budget issues, and mistrust during a remodeling project. REMODology is a proven process that aligns both the homeowner and remodeler with processes and education in order to eliminate the mistrust, conflicts, and preconceived ideas that often get in the way of a successful project. Homeowners can experience a conflict-free remodeling project and avoid disappointments in the budget and outcome. At the same time, remodelers learn how to build harmony, experience more rewarding and profitable projects, and align themselves with homeowners who actually WANT to pay them for estimates, bidding and pre-construction work.

REMODology was created by veteran remodeler Stephen Gidus who established a national following conducting seminars and giving presentations on remodeling at major national conventions. Peers across the country urged him to develop his breakthrough idea. As a result, REMODology books were developed for the homeowner including Up-Front Remodeling, How to Avoid the He Said/She Said Syndrome, Peaceful Home Remodeling and Conflict-Free Remodeling. The component for industry professionals contains a 12-hour online course, and books including Get Paid for your Time, Peacekeeping with a Coat of Armor, and The Rhythm of Getting Paid.

REMODology helps homeowners understand the different aspects of the remodeling process. It provides sample forms for budgets, product-selection, specification sheets and allowance schedules, as well as a glossary of terms. Also, in clear, non-technical language, step-by-step procedures are laid out for selecting a remodeler, setting expectations, choosing products, and finalizing financial agreements to ensure that the project is as hassle-free -- and surprise-free -- as possible.

Perhaps the cornerstone for remodelers is the book Get Paid for Your Time, which builds on the premise that the Pre-Construction portion of a project is just as valuable as Construction. Yet most remodelers mistakenly refer to their Pre-Construction service as an 'estimate'—which is done quickly and at no charge. REMODology offers resources and services that allow remodelers to earn money for their plans and estimates, gain more referrals, and attain greater professional satisfaction.

When remodelers and homeowners both follow the proven REMODology process, the result is a starkly positive and profitable experience, with both avoiding conflict and stress. Homeowners get a greater return on their investment, avoid budgets that get out of control, and enjoy a much more successful completion of their vision for their home. Remodelers work with homeowners who WANT to pay them for their estimates and pre-construction work. Their projects run more efficiently and smoothly. The proven process has increased the worth, referrals, repeat business, and satisfaction of the remodelers who have put the steps into practice.

Gidus co-owned the Orlando-based PSG Construction, but left the company to work full-time on developing REMODology—a project that took four years to research, write, beta-test and fine tune.      

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