New Research from mobileYouth States Brands and Governments Must Co-Create with the World's 1.2 Billion Mobile Youth to Remain Relevant

New research highlights the emergence of a new generation of change agents: 1.2 billion Mobile Youth - They're 3 times the size of Facebook and redefining everything from politics in the Middle East to innovation to how brands market to them

Mar 03, 2011, 06:18 ET from mobileYouth

LONDON, March 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Here Come the Mobile Youth: a Generation of Change Agents Under 30

Key findings from the 65 market Mobile Youth Report by consultancy mobileYouth:

- 1.2 billion youth own mobile phones, spending $400 billion annually.

- 60% sleep with their phones. 81% would spend their last $10 on a mobile top-up before food.

- 62% of purchase decisions influenced by peers not traditional paid media.

- Research identified "super-influencers" - fans influencing up to 100 friends in the discovery and education process. Super-influencers were integral in creating change in the Middle East.

Generation Optimization

Events in the Middle East demonstrate how their impact on our lives is entering a new phase driven by Optimization.

"Mobile Youth are Optimizers," says Research Head Graham Brown. "They're constantly optimizing their relationships - with friends, brands and even governments. When we build walls to prevent Optimization, youth tunnel under or break through the cracks. Mobile facilitates Optimization because alternatives are just a click away, giving them the ability to exact change in ways previous generations could have only dreamed of. Great news for organizations engaging this grassroots force but a warning for brands and governments too slow to respond."

Technological and societal change occurs at identifiable Optimization Tipping Points - e.g. 33% have access to new platforms (e.g. BBM), 50% of the population under 30 (e.g. Libya) or 66% of youth own a mobile phone (e.g. Egypt).

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