New Resources from Saepio help Marketers Review New Approach to Corporate Marketing

Complexity and confusion are the norm in marketing today but order can return if marketers rethink how marketing gets done.

May 14, 2012, 09:00 ET from Saepio

KANSAS CITY, Mo., May 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Complexity and confusion are the norm in marketing today, according a white paper report released by Saepio.  According to the whitepaper, New Era Requires a New Platform Approach to Corporate Marketing, the incessant pace at which new mediums have emerged, the proliferation of tactical technologies and the sea of point solution vendors have resulted in confusion reigning within corporate marketing at a time when clarity is most needed.

"It's just too hard to build and run a campaign," notes John Thomson, Saepio president and CEO.  "Clearly, the new marketplace reality requires a new approach to marketing.  Trying to coordinate multiple mediums, agencies and vendors is just too complex today."

According to the whitepaper, while most marketers realize traditional processes and practices don't match current demands, they are largely at a loss for what to do.  When these marketers revert to the security of the familiar, failure is almost assured as trying to make new marketing needs fit old marketing processes is a flawed premise.

"Marketing, particularly message execution, has to be approached differently," the white paper contends, "and that new approach must begin with a platform mentality."

The whitepaper explores a marketing platform's role in: 

  • Making campaigns turn-key, scalable, automated and repeatable.
  • Integrating all mediums.
  • Creating always relevant content.
  • Automating campaign execution.
  • Making digital asset management actionable.
  • Connecting budgeting and reporting to activities.

For corporate marketers who manage a network of local marketers, a second resource provides an additional hands-on opportunity to explore a new distributed marketing management approach to marketing.

In just a few short minutes, this collection of simple worksheets helps answer the question of whether a marketing technology platform would be beneficial for an organization and if more exploration makes sense.

The new Resource Kit includes four helpful items:

  • Mini Case Studies that provide snapshots of how other brands use and benefit from a Distributed Marketing Management platform.
  • A scorecard of your current distributed/local marketing efforts
  • A worksheet to help assess if a distributed marketing platform is right for you
  • An outline of key steps to take to start an exploration within your business or organization

Although this new Resource Kit is designed to be a do-it-yourself resource, many find that a solution demo is useful prior to starting discussions with other team members.

Both resources can be downloaded for free from Saepio.  The whitepaper is available by clicking here and the resource kit by clicking here.  Additional help is available by calling 816-777-2100 or via email at

About Saepio

Saepio makes it easy for corporate and local marketers to build and run effective and engaging all-channel marketing campaigns. 

Saepio's powerful MarketPort marketing platform starts with easy…

  • Easy to Build and Run a Cross-channel Campaign because everything – email, landing pages, social, mobile, digital banner ads, signage, print ads, direct mail, and much more – is all managed in a single, integrated digital marketing platform.
  • Easy to Maximize Brand Value at the Local Level because local and corporate marketers share a single platform but experience the same platform differently based on their roles.  Brand control, speed to market, and content localization is all easily accomplished whether messages are for local, national or global audiences and corporate marketers can easily assign campaign tasks to local marketers.
  • Easy to Engage Customers with personalized, relevant messages because corporate intelligence gleaned from CRM data, customer analytics, consumer actions and more can determine what content is served when, where and how.
  • Easy to Automate Marketing Fulfillment because robust workflow enables every cross channel customer touch point to happen automatically whether launched by corporate marketing, initiated by a local marketer or triggered by a customer's action.

This robust yet simplified approach to today's complex marketing challenges is in use at hundreds of leading companies and organizations, including many of the world's most powerful brands.  It is transforming the way corporations focus and manage their marketing efforts in a world that introduces new channels, new competitors, new regulations and new opportunities at every turn. 

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