New Retail Traffic Report from ShopperTrak Provides Competitive Edge to Retailers, Mall Developers and Financial Analysts

— Weekly business analytics data in an easy to use format —

Aug 09, 2011, 11:34 ET from ShopperTrak

CHICAGO, Aug. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A new Traffic report designed to help retailers benchmark and evaluate their store traffic in order to make more effective marketing and business operations decisions is now available from ShopperTrak's Business Analytics data products division. ShopperTrak, the world's largest provider of retail foot traffic, managed services and business analytics, measures foot-traffic from more than 40,000 locations in 70 countries and uses a proprietary data model to determine traffic at national, regional and local levels as well as by vertical category.

The new Traffic report provides a statistical estimate of daily foot traffic counts across the United States to help retailers, mall developers and financial analysts compare performance to "total shopper opportunity" or number of shopper visits made in a given market and timeframe. The report also segments retail traffic by four census regions (Northeast, South, Midwest and West), 25 metropolitan statistical areas (MSA), three sectors (total retail, wireless & electronics and apparel & accessories) and 221 local shopping areas (e.g., malls and outlets). This makes store-to-store, store-to-vertical industry, and store-to-market comparisons easier than ever before.

"Retailers who actively monitor how many shoppers enter their store and how many of those shoppers purchase something are in the best position to make optimal marketing and operating decisions," said Edward Marcheselli, chief marketing officer of ShopperTrak. "Retailers can't always control how many people walk through their doors. They can influence, however, shopper behavior and actions within their stores through proper staff scheduling and training, pricing, promotions and merchandise layout decisions. Executives who deploy business intelligence and analytics to benchmark their store performance and make strategic decisions to help improve their shopper conversion will give their retail establishments a competitive advantage."

Accurate, Weekly Traffic Benchmark

ShopperTrak's latest business analytics offering goes beyond the information provided by other analytics reports. The weekly report is delivered every Wednesday and includes daily traffic counts for the past week. Presented in an easy to understand format, the new Traffic report is delivered to subscribers via email or SFTP download.

The report can be customized to customer needs by geographic area and industry vertical. Annual subscriptions for the report include 60 weeks of back-data to allow year-over-year comparisons. Visit for more information.

About ShopperTrak

A privately held entity, ShopperTrak leverages 20 years of retail expertise to be the industry's authority for information and analysis of the movement of shoppers in retail environments. ShopperTrak's cutting-edge retail intelligence solutions enable retail companies to benchmark their traffic and revenues at the national, regional and local levels and to better understand retail trends while determining the impact of store and staff performance on company revenues. With more than 40,000 units installed in the world's best known retail outlets and malls, the company's solutions provide a proven means for retailers to gauge labor efficiencies, advertising and marketing efforts, store design and remodeling programs, merchandise changes, associate training programs, and other budget-intensive strategic initiatives. For more information visit

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