New Review of Patent Foramen Ovale - Its Correlation with Other Maladies and a Review of Detection Screening

Dec 01, 2015, 08:00 ET from touchNEUROLOGY

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US Neurology, the peer-reviewed journal, has published a review highlighting the benefits of Patent Foramen Ovale- Its Correlation with Other Maladies and a Review of Detection Screening

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Patent foramen ovale (PFO) is a condition that often remains undiagnosed despite studies showing it has a prevalence as high as 25 % in the adult population. Blood passing from the right to the left atria across a PFO bypasses the pulmonary circulation allowing embolic debris, deoxygenated blood, and various vasoactive substances direct access to the systemic circulation. Studies suggest that a PFO may contribute to certain illnesses such as: cryptogenic stroke, decompression illness, venous air embolism, migraine with aura, and others due to a higher prevalence in patients with these problems than in the general population. Knowledge of the presence of a PFO may become an important aspect in the clinical management of disease. Various technology tools that are utilized to assess circulatory right-to-left shunt abnormalities, such as cardiac ultrasound visualization, transcranial Doppler, and dye dilution curves, are reviewed as well as the importance of the Valsalva procedure in creating a positive right-to-left atrial pressure gradient.

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