New RISI Report Reviews United States and European Wood Biomass Policies

Jan 12, 2010, 04:00 ET from RISI

BEDFORD, Mass., Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- RISI, the leading information provider for the global forest products industry, today announced the publication of the 2010 Wood Biomass Policy Review. This new study provides a concise review and analysis of the policy drivers and underlying objectives influencing development of the biomass energy sector in the United States and Europe. This study profiles the renewable energy sector in both the US and Europe, examines the evolution of government policies in both regions and gives a realistic perspective on the potential growth in wood biomass energy. The 2010 Wood Biomass Policy Review is the first of three wood biomass multi-client studies to be released in 2010. This policy review will be followed by a forecast of wood biomass demand and a third study providing an outlook for wood biomass supply and prices.

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Robert Flynn, study author and RISI Director of International Timber, commented, "Investors seem to be stampeding into new wood biomass projects without a good understanding of the government policies that are really creating this new demand. The RISI Wood Biomass Projects Database indicated in December 2009 that 76 new wood pellet plants and 113 new wood-based biomass power plants had been announced in North America since 2007." He continued, "But not all of these new projects will be built, at least in the next five years, and some that are built will not survive market realities. The vast amount of information on this subject is overwhelming for anyone trying to quickly develop an accurate perspective on the sector. This new report will serve as a useful tool for investors trying to evaluate projects and gain a realistic understanding of US and European wood biomass energy related policies."

The report features:

  • Detailed energy profiles for the United States and Europe, which place the demand for woody biomass energy in context of their overall energy sectors and other competing renewable energy forms.
  • A comprehensive and balanced review of renewable energy policies in Europe, and their likely impact in driving demand for wood pellets and/or woodchips imported from the United States.
  • A thorough review of existing and pending federal and state regulations and support mechanisms in the US, which are driving the development of biomass energy in the country.

Who should purchase the 2010 Wood Biomass Policy Review:

  • Major forest owners seeking to understand the long-term demand for woody biomass energy, how quickly it will develop and how sustainable it will be.
  • Pulp and Paper companies looking at competition for fiber and/or possible benefit through government programs that give them credit for renewable energy production.
  • Equipment suppliers wanting perspective on where and how much demand for specialized harvesting equipment, chippers, trucks, pelletizing equipment, etc. will develop.
  • Power companies developing or considering development of biomass power facilities.
  • Banks, hedge funds and other investors needing perspective on biomass energy development.
  • Transport companies – both rail companies looking at transporting pellets, chips and other biomass for energy within the US and shipping companies looking to transport chips/pellets to Europe.
  • Companies involved in developing large wood pellet plants.

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