New Scallop Imaging A7-180 Video Camera Extends the Life of Analog Security Video Systems, Features 7 Megapixel Resolution, 180 Degree View and Multiple Zoom Windows

Scallop Imaging Brings Digital Power to Analog Video

Oct 12, 2010, 09:00 ET from Scallop Imaging, Inc.

BOSTON, Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Scallop Imaging, the leader in high resolution, digital video camera technology, today debuted its Digital Window™ A7-180 analog security camera at the ASIS 2010 International security technologies conference in Dallas.  The camera uses a seven megapixel staring array to deliver non-fisheye, panoramic video across a 180 degree x 48 degree field of view.  The staring array has the resolution of 23 standard VGA cameras, and the camera's internal imaging engine delivers a 180 degree view plus up to three 8X optical zoom detail views, packaged into one NTSC frame compatible with standard CCTV analog networks.  Scallop Imaging is publicly demonstrating the camera through Friday at the ASIS conference, in booth #4511.

"While the trend is to adopt digital IP video, there is a large installed base of analog infrastructure that can benefit from our camera," said Peter Jones, CEO of Scallop Imaging.  "Our unique computational imaging system brings the power of digital to analog systems.  This provides customers with much higher quality video than traditionally available, and dramatically extends the lifetime of their installed analog infrastructure, saving time and money."

Digital Window A7-180 benefits include:

  • Plug-and-play replacement of existing analog cameras;
  • A single A7-180 can replace multiple fixed and PTZ cameras;
  • Extreme resolution, with zoom views that can be positioned anywhere within the 180 degree field of view;
  • Each of the zoom windows is under independent control using standard Pelco-D commands over RS485;
  • The camera is solid state, with no moving parts to fail or service; and
  • Output of the digital imaging engine can be viewed and recorded over standard CCTV analog networks, thus extending their capability and expanding the useful life of existing analog infrastructures.

The suggested list price for the camera is $1,195.  For more information, visit

About Scallop Imaging, Inc.

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