New Security Company TaaSERA Emerges From Stealth Mode, Launches First Offering for Advanced Malware

Company Introduces TAAS NetAnalyzer™ for Real-Time Malware Behavior Detection

Jan 28, 2013, 08:00 ET from TaaSERA, Inc.

CUPERTINO, Calif., Jan. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- TaaSERA, Inc., a new information security technology company focused on advanced malware behavioral detection, today announced the release of its first product TAAS NetAnalyzer™, a real-time malware behavior detection and analysis solution that identifies previously unseen attacks as they occur, allowing organizations to act before attacks result in a breach. TaaSERA is founded on the concept of TaaS, or "Trust as a Service," which ensures the integrity of critical enterprise systems.

With more than 70,000 to 100,000 new, sophisticated malware strains produced each day, businesses and government agencies demand a trusted solution that enables them to respond more quickly and efficiently than ever before. TaaSERA's vision is to provide innovative solutions that address today's most serious security problems utilizing evidence-based behavior modeling. TaaSERA is first solving the problem of advanced or zero-day malware, but will also use behavior modeling to stop cybercriminal hacking and identify insider threats before they can steal company information.

"Today's attackers employ multiple attack vectors to penetrate high-value targets with malware to gain a long-term foothold to steal confidential information and intellectual property over months or years. Enterprises need solutions to continuously monitor such behaviors – not code 'signatures' – in order to stop advanced and highly targeted attacks," said Scott Hartz, CEO and Chairman of TaaSERA. "We're very excited to bring TAAS NetAnalyzer to market because behavior-based detection and analysis will finally allow enterprises to adopt a proactive and risk-based mindset to cyber security."

A portion of TaaSERA's technology is licensed source-code from SRI International, which applied millions of dollars of government research and development grants over five years to develop and prove the behavior model for internal network malware detection. Unlike signature or perimeter technologies, TAAS NetAnalyzer monitors internal network traffic looking for malicious activities rather than malicious code. "TaaSERA is building a very interesting IP portfolio around detection of malware and system integrity or trust. Any organization should know the integrity of a system before running critical services on it," said Phil Porras of SRI International.

Eight Stages of the Malware Life Cycle

Despite the hundreds of millions of code variants that exist today, all malware exhibits certain traits within the eight stages of the malware life cycle: Infection Preparation, Egg Download, Peer Infection, Command & Control Communications, System Scanning, Attack Preparation, Malicious Outbound Scan, and Data Exfiltration. TAAS NetAnalyzer monitors run-time integrity of IT networks and systems, and correlates the results against life-cycle behavior, allowing users to quickly identify every type of malware threat without the use of signatures or sandboxes, and with an extremely low number of false positives.

"Current signature-based solutions are not sufficient to combat new exploits. By analyzing what the malware does, rather than what it looks like, TaaSERA's advanced malware behavior detection provides a better first line of defense over traditional solutions. This allows for remediation before it actually becomes a problem," said Tim Romance, Information Systems Manager, Try-It Distributing Company Inc.


TAAS NetAnalyzer is available for evaluation starting January 31. If your organization is seeking a new solution to combat advanced malware inside your network, please visit or call 855-822-7372 to apply for a free evaluation license.

About TaaSERA

TaaSERA's malware behavior detection solutions have been built upon core technology used by a number of leading government agencies that identify previously unseen attacks as they happen. Unlike technologies that review signatures or other historical data, or assess potential vulnerabilities and analyze the impact of malware programs in non-production environments, TaaSERA's software solutions leverage patented behavior detection capabilities to highlight the emergence of previously unseen attacks as they are being carried out – providing organizations with the specific information necessary to adjust defenses and mitigate vulnerabilities targeted by today's sophisticated threats.

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