New Shelter-In-Place System Helps Families, Businesses and Organizations Become More Resilient Against Disasters

Sep 14, 2011, 10:10 ET from ICE PACK Emergency Preparedness Systems LLC

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods, Wildfires and Terrorist Threats around 9/11 Anniversary Remind Americans the Time to Prepare is NOW

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Sept. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In the aftermath of a 5.8 magnitude earthquake with its impact felt from Georgia to Maine, Hurricane Irene wreaking havoc along the Atlantic Coast, terrorist threats surrounding the 10th anniversary of 9/11, plus unprecedented floods and wildfires, talk of emergency preparedness in much of the nation has turned to action. September is National Preparedness Month and ICE PACK® Emergency Preparedness Systems LLC (a subsidiary of Ashbury International Group, Inc.) is introducing its newest innovative Emergency Sustainment System, Shelter-In-Place.

"The core of ICE PACK's Shelter-In-Place emergency sustainment system includes the necessary emergency sustainment supplies needed to keep critical infrastructures operational, organizations functioning and people thriving for several days to two weeks, until public utilities, civil and social services are restored or rescue occurs," says Morris Peterson, President and CEO of Ashbury.  "Our Shelter-In-Place systems are designed to define the difference between actual sustainment verses mere survival."

In coastal areas, where hurricane storm surge and wind damage can be devastating; and in instances such as floods or wildfires, safety often includes evacuating until the threat passes. Beyond those areas of imminent danger, however, and in a multitude of other unpredictable disasters and emergency situations, mitigating loss of life or injury and damage to property often includes protecting and sustaining yourselves right where you are -- in your home, vehicle, workplace or business. And sheltering-in-place requires that you prepare.

Planning, provisioning and training for threats that include respiratory dangers (CBRN-E), security lockdowns in active criminal shooter situations, extreme weather and seismic events are all essential elements of a flexible and adaptive sheltering-in-place capability.

"When a chemical tanker overturns releasing toxic vapors into the atmosphere, windows are blown out due to violent storms, walls smashed, roofs torn off or floodwaters rise, ICE PACK's Shelter-In-Place system can provide you with life-critical shelter improvement and repair materials which allow you to temporarily secure your shelter location or make critical repairs that saves valuable property," says Peterson. "The Shelter-In-Place Emergency Sustainment System also provides you with ample supplies to seal a room against airborne respiratory threats likely to be encountered in a hazmat spill or the likes of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster - a critically important capability."

ICE PACK's Shelter-In-Place systems provide users with three days of hot meals, safe drinking water, medical supplies, all hazard NOAA weather radio crisis communications, personal hygiene and sanitation, shelter repair supplies, life safety smoke/carbon monoxide detection and emergency tools. ICE PACK's emergency sustainment systems can truly make a life saving difference during a disaster.

The ICE PACK Emergency Sustainment Systems are available to organizations, businesses and individuals' worldwide at They are built with principal components that remain fresh for five or more years in easy-to-store, easy-to-open, water-proof, insect and rodent resistant, high-visibility 6-gallon containers with glow-in-the-dark labels. Each Shelter-In-Place system is sized for individuals, families or groups and can be customized for large organizational use. Each system includes disaster planning, preparedness and response guides; shelter-in-place and shelter repair supplies; all hazards multi-band radio; emergency lighting; emergency signaling devices; lithium battery power; emergency tools; medical first aid; safe drinking water and hot food; and supplies for personal hygiene and waste sanitation.

In its continuing efforts to promote emergency preparedness among businesses, organizations, and government agencies, ICE PACK also conducts Emergency Preparedness Equipment Technology Briefings at no cost to professional first responders. The recent "Shelter-In-Place Fundamentals for Public and Private Sector Organizations" professional workshop held in August is the core foundation of ICE PACK's Shelter-In-Place training program scheduled for the Spring of 2012. Topics covered include: understanding and applying the various concepts of Shelter-In-Place, respiratory threats, security lock-downs, implementing core elements of a Shelter-In-Place program and public sheltering.

About ICE PACK®:

The ICE PACK brand (In Case of Emergency) was developed as a means to provide critical information, resources and training to those who may encounter a disaster or who may be called upon to serve in a role of a First Responder. ICE PACK was created by ICE PACK Emergency Preparedness Systems LLC, a division of Ashbury International Group, Inc. and brings the emergency preparedness and disaster response community more than 17 years of international know-how in conducting life-critical product development, systems integration and training.

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