New Signs with Eyes by Proven to Improve Compliance

Signs that feature eyes compel people to follow the rules

May 01, 2013, 07:02 ET from MySecuritySign

NEW YORK, May 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- What does it take to make a passerby obey a sign? Simply add an image of eyes. Studies have shown that one in three people are more likely to clean an area if a no litter sign has an image of eyes on it, as opposed to an image of flowers. has launched a new line of signs that feature eyes to help improve compliance in a variety of areas: surveillance, no dumping, no littering, keep off the grass, and custom.

People respond more strongly to images that make them feel watched and monitored. One study tested this theory by posting a No Littering sign with a pair of eyes at a Newcastle University cafeteria in 2011; the addition of this sign reduced the amount of littering by half. In another Newcastle study, a picture of eyes above an "honesty box," used to collect payments for milk in a coffee room, resulted in an increase in contributions. Scientists deduced that the new cooperative behavior wasn't based on the signs' text verbal cues, but the image of eyes themselves. Interestingly, more people followed directions when there were fewer people in the cafeteria as opposed to more, meaning the eye drawings were motivational forces on their own.

The new vibrant and durable signs feature a pair of eyes above security slogans. The messages feature straightforward security messages, such a "No Trespassing," "We Are Watching You," and "You Are Under Surveillance." The signs are made of sturdy aluminum. Custom templates are available for quick personalization.

Alex Roitman, Outreach Manager for MySecuritySign, designed the signs. "We took care in creating eye images that were non-threatening but still distinct. If people feel watched, they are more conscious of their actions."

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