New SlimCleaner Software Now Features IntelliCookie Cleaning Tool to Protect Online Privacy

Free PC Cleaning Software Comes with Smart Cookie Cleaning Feature That Helps Users Rid PCs of Online Tracking While Retaining Valuable Login Cookies

Aug 04, 2011, 08:00 ET from SlimWare Utilities

D'IBERVILLE, Miss., Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumers can now better protect their online privacy with IntelliCookie, a new feature available in the latest version of SlimCleaner (available at, a free, cloud-based, crowd-sourced social network for PC cleaning and optimization.

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Available in SlimCleaner 1.8, IntelliCookie lets users delete tracking cookies from their PCs while preserving the time-saving cookies that contain login information for frequently visited Websites, such as email, bank or social media sites.

"Online privacy is an area of top concern for most consumers," said Chris Cope, CEO of SlimWare Utilities. "Too often, consumers aren't aware of the cookies that have been installed on their PC and what type of information those cookies may be collecting or transmitting. With SlimCleaner's new IntelliCookie feature, we're helping consumers uncover exactly what's on their PC, and then providing the tools and information to help consumers take the action that's right for them."

Cookies are bits of data that can send information back and forth between a consumer's Web browser and the cookie's Website of origin. While many cookies are useful -- allowing Websites to deliver customized information and "remember" a customer's login information -- others can be used to track online behavior.

With IntelliCookie, consumers who use SlimCleaner have the option of cleaning unwanted tracking cookies while preserving convenient "login" cookies that permit fast and easy access to their favorite Websites, such as Facebook.

Additional New Features: SlimCleaner 1.8: Browser Management

IntelliCookie isn't the only innovative new feature in SlimCleaner 1.8. The free software's latest version also includes a new section that lets consumers manage their browser settings and remove any "junkware" that can bloat and slow down a browser. SlimCleaner's browser section displays all the browsers installed on a PC, and the add-ons, plug-ins, toolbars and extensions associated with each one. In addition, the new section can show if malware might be lurking in a browser, and lets users easily select their preferred search engine to gain back control of their homepage.

"Giving consumers control over what to keep on their machine and what to remove is at the heart of our mission," Cope added. "We provide community-powered software that gives consumers customized, personalized information about how to optimize and improve their own individual PC."

SlimCleaner is the flagship software product from SlimWare Utilities. Launched this summer, SlimCleaner is the first software to use social networking and user-generated data for PC cleaning, repair and optimization.

Other free software products from SlimWare Utilities include SlimComputer, which removes the trialware, adware, toolbars, unwanted start-up entries and other unnecessary programs that come pre-installed on brand-new PCs; and SlimDrivers, which automatically updates a PCs drivers with real-time scanning and cloud technology – making sure that an operating system and its peripherals, such as printers, sound cards, Bluetooth devices, etc., are working properly and in sync.

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