New, Smart, Cloud Software for Tax Professionals

Tax pros now have a smart, cloud-based tool to help them organize their practice and generate additional revenue in whole new way. Introducing SmartCenter™ by Your Business Matters Inc.®

Nov 05, 2013, 07:00 ET from Your Business Matters Inc.

MISSION VIEJO, Calif., Nov. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Your Business Matters Inc. has just launched SmartCenter, a new cloud software to help tax professionals organize their tax business and generate revenue.


SmartCenter gives the tax professional a unique suite of tools that will help them take advantage of the changes in the tax industry. Unlike many of the practice management tools available on the market, SmartCenter is designed to not only organize client data and documents, but also give the user specific methods to increase their revenue received by each client – all in a secure, cloud environment.

The tax industry has changed significantly in the past 10 years:

  • Tax professionals are working harder to make less money.
  • Their clients are demanding help with a broader spectrum of financial issues.
  • Do-it-yourself tax prep software is steadily gaining millions of users each and every year.

All of this means that preparing a tax return for a client is losing its value. For tax professionals to build or maintain a thriving business, they need tools that will help them work smarter, not harder.  

"Tax preparers are increasingly concerned about potentially losing clients because of the commoditization of their craft," said Chris Basom, founder of Your Business Matters Inc., and a tax accountant/financial planner. "At the same time, they want to begin offering financial planning services – or are already doing so informally but aren't getting paid for it. SmartCenter helps them broaden existing client relationships while easing their practice management burdens."

SmartCenter's Features Include:

  • Practice management system (CRM) that stores and organizes client data and documents and helps users increase efficiency and feel less stress.
  • Financial analysis reporting tools – personal balance sheet, retirement income analysis, education funding analysis, estate planning, small business analysis, and tax planning analysis. When the tax professional uses these tools to perform a custom financial analysis for their client, the potential value of each one of their clients is increased.
  • Marketing Tools - Bulk email engine & customizable e-brochures & marketing templates that help the tax professional stay at the top of their client's minds.
  • Online Client Appointment Calendar - Clients can book their tax appointments directly through the tax professional's website through the SmartCenter Calendar module. This can save valuable time and give the client the appointment booking convenience they want.
  • Legal Doc Prep System – The only legal document system that's designed specifically for tax professionals. The online system creates hundreds of legal documents in all 50 states.

"SmartCenter's creation was inspired by the tax preparation industry's need for empowerment regarding practice management and business development – areas typically far better understood by financial planners," said Basom. "Too many tax preparers think tax season is just about doing tax returns. Actually, it's about building rapport with clients to engender loyalty that can lead to broader relationships. SmartCenter's features are designed to help tax professionals increase clients' confidence in them, leading to greater loyalty and expanded services delivered year-round."

Free 30-day trials are available simply by registering through the website – Pricing starts at $69 per month and all subscribers get unlimited free telephone, email and chat support.

"Additional Tools and new features are slated to be added regularly," said William Hamilton, General Manager. "Nothing is static. We'll never stop increasing new functionality, adding new training guides and updating versions of our tools. Cloud CRM functionality designed specifically for the tax professional, along with financial analysis tools designed to increase users' bottom lines, makes SmartCenter truly unique."

Your Business Matters Inc.® was founded in 2009 by Chris Basom. Chris has been in the tax preparation industry since 1981 and is currently the Managing Partner of a Tax & Financial planning firm in southern California.

Your Business Matters exists to provide real help to tax professionals who want to build a better business. They do this by creating simple, cloud-based software that's easy to use, and gives real value. 

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