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DENVER, March 10, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ --, a renowned PR firm and winner of True Wealth Magazine's Innovative Tech Firm of the Year Award, has decided to share some insight on how it is able to improve and maintain the online reputation of its clients with impressive consistency.  Apparently, the key to their success is that there is not just one key, but an entire "octave of keys," that come together harmoniously in a multifaceted approach that proves to be extremely effective.  So what instruments do the techies at use to orchestrate a powerful reputation management strategy?  The company says that one of the most common inquiries they receive is whether it is possible to remove an article from an online newspaper, so it would be fitting to use this scenario as an example of how they typically launch a successful campaign.  Although the outcome of a newspaper content revision/removal attempt will depend on a variety of factors, they say, "there are several effective techniques that we regularly use to have online newspaper content unpublished or modified.  First, we always will do a full scan of the online presence of the client and evaluate the offending content, the source of the offending content and where that content is currently located in the search engines."

Many people believe asking newspapers to unpublish articles will quickly result in the removal of the article from Google and the Internet.  "Unfortunately, many times simply asking for removal of the content is not enough.  Even if the information contained in the article is inaccurate, outdated, or overly defamatory it is possible the editor will not comply with a removal request," says an spokesperson. "We have found numerous effective solutions to removing newspapers from the Internet, it just takes a little creativity.

"Outdated newspaper articles can remain on the Internet for years.  Sites like have articles dating back to the 1800s.  If information is available via a public database or private, chances are it is going to end up on the Internet, so creating an effective reputation management strategy is essential in the current sphere of the Internet.

According to there are negative results that can come from attempting to contact a news agency directly and asking them to unpublish newspaper articles. "We have seen clients who after contacting the newspaper agency and asking for removal ended up having an additional story submitted on them or the offending article updated with new information.  Having a story updated will only make it more problematic.  It is best to avoid any updates to unwanted articles or new stories relating to the offending article." recommends hiring a professional to discuss and look at possible options before doing anything that can't be undone.  "We advise our clients not to contact the newspaper agency and to let us take over and work on what we do best." 

The Internet has changed the way everyone can access information, including amount and speed.  With a few keystrokes people can now perform entire background checks completely anonymous from anywhere, anytime.  For more information on what you can do to protect your Internet reputation and remove negative press visit 

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