New Standalone HSS Website Becomes Operational

Sep 13, 2011, 11:26 ET from Steel Tube Institute of North America

CHICAGO, Sept. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The HSS Committee of the Steel Tube Institute of North America (STINA) has announced that its new standalone HSS website is now operational.  Previously the HSS product section had been one of several pipe and tubular product areas on the STINA website, and had been accessible only through the Steel Tube Institute's website.  The new site is accessible at  


Mark Bula, STINA's HSS director, said that, "Our site is a key element in a new awareness campaign we're initiating about the attributes, benefits and applications of HSS. The new site provides a clean, fresh look, is easier to navigate and will work well with the other elements in our campaign. We're going to provide a steady flow of new materials on the site, including additional CES accredited learning modules, an interactive Q&A section and highlights of key projects."

In the past few months, STINA's HSS Committee has been actively working to create more awareness with specifiers and end users of the benefits and uses of its products. The new website is designed to be more user-friendly, offers attractive new visuals, a current events-oriented homepage, a simplified navigation system, and more interactive areas and downloadable content.  The case study area has been grouped into five end-use application areas to make it easier for specifiers and end users to find projects of interest.  

Bill Wolfe, executive director of STINA emphasized that the new HSS site will be linked to the STINA website and vice versa for the convenience of specifiers, users and members. "We have employed a similar system with our Conduit Committee for some time and it has been advantageous for them in both traffic generation and the quality of inquires it has produced," he reported.  

STINA's HSS Committee is made up of the major producers of structural steel tubing in North America.  Their goals are to improve manufacturing techniques, enhance product quality, increase awareness of the benefits and uses of HSS, and grow the product's market share.  

The Steel Tube Institute of North America was formed in 1930 when a group of manufacturers joined forces to promote and market steel tubing. Their goal was to mount a cooperative effort that would:  assure safe practices throughout the industry, improve manufacturing techniques and to inform customers about their products' utility, versatility and competitive advantages.  This, along with providing a forum for the discussion of issues impacting the industry, remains the basic motivation for the Institute's efforts.  

STI's membership consists both of Active Members — producers of steel tube and pipe — and Associate Members — companies that supply raw materials, equipment and support services.  Members obtain information about new products and production techniques; develop a rapport and exchange information with companies in the industry and work to support and advance the steel tubing industry.

SOURCE Steel Tube Institute of North America