New Startup Empowers Corporations to Give Back While Boosting Business

Dec 08, 2015, 11:07 ET from Open to Give

NEW YORK, Dec. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Tech startup Open to Give is debuting its email-cause-marketing platform - just in time for the holidays and the season of gift-giving. Blending savvy promotional tactics with a focus on helping leading charities nationwide, Open to Give motivates social consciousness on the part of email marketers while partnering with them to dramatically increase their sales and consumer engagement.

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The novel program enables companies to direct funds to charitable organization of their choice by pledging a small monetary contribution for every subscriber who opens their marketing emails. Open to Give facilitates the donation process by integrating with advertisers' email platforms and inserting its signature ②¢ symbol in the subject line. By donating a portion of their advertising budget to charity, companies incentivize their consumer base to open, click through, and engage with the brand.

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The power of Open to Give is remarkable. Participating companies are able to generate significant charitable contributions while enjoying a measurable impact to their business.

Open to Give's feel-good marketing approach generates greater engagement with a business's target customer base, resulting in a win-win.

Although the holidays are upon us, this startup will transform the act of opening an email into something meaningful and influential all year long. As the "postage" of the future, Open to Give's distinguishable ②¢ icon is both memorable and effective. Today's perceptive consumers are looking to identify and support compassionate companies, and Open to Give generates the positive buzz and content relevance advertisers envy.

Advertisers can also enable a feature where customers can utilize Open to Give's advanced technology to track contributions triggered by their email opens, holding donors responsible while gaining psychological gratification from performing a tangible good deed. By paying it forward with Open to Give, corporations connect to consumers via charity, earning their respect – and business – in a noble way.

Right in time for the holidays, Open to Give is accepting new registrations from strategically minded philanthropic advertisers.

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