New Study Reveals Blondes are More Likely to Cheat!

Sep 26, 2012, 11:00 ET from Lexicon Public Relations

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Although your sweetie might make your brown eyes blue, it's their hair color you should be concerned about. Turns out, when it comes to infidelity, blonde female cheaters outnumber all other shades combined by a hair - but flaxen-headed guys are far less shady, according to a new report by CheaterVille, Inc.,, an online social media company providing the #1 web site documenting alleged cheaters. conducted an internal study of online postings submitted by a cross sample of its users. Although still preliminary, the findings reveal tantalizing evidence, which could indicate whether a partner is statistically likely to cheat, or there is a higher probability one might be the victim of cheating - all based on hair color. Some of the study highlights include: 

  1. 40% of males posted as alleged cheaters have brown hair, while black (32%), blonde (20%) and red (5%) came in second, third and fourth respectively.

  2. 42% of females posted as alleged cheaters have blonde hair, while red (23%), brown (20%), and black (11%) came in second, third and fourth respectively.

  3. 43% of the victims (both male and female) who posted their own personal stories about an alleged cheating incident indicated that their own hair color was brown.

  4. 8% of female victims indicated within their alleged infidelity story that their male partner at one point in their relationship had asked them to change their hair color. acknowledges the hair color findings remain largely anecdotal and did not address baldness or permanent / temporary hair coloring, nor did it take into account race or ethnicity. Analysis of hair color was based on self-reporting or third party descriptions. 

However, CheaterVille founder James McGibney says of the colorful findings, "From Veronica vs. Betty to Ginger vs. Mary Anne, we've always favored one look over another. But now our research gives us a tempting look at how hair color might play a role in infidelity - and that's nothing to brush off."

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