New Study Shows a Simple Solution Pays Big for Water Conservation

Sep 13, 2010, 10:07 ET from MJSI, Inc.

SHOREWOOD, Ill., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The most inefficient appliance in the home is also the one that uses the most water. Most toilets waste water four out of five flushes because they empty the entire tank with every flush. That's a lot of water being wasted, especially considering that the U.S. EPA estimates that residential toilets account for a third of the U.S. indoor household water use, or more than 2 trillion gallons of water a year.

A recently released study shows that individuals can make a big difference in reducing the amount of water they use indoors – as much as 30%, by using dual flush technology. The study was conducted by Veritec Consulting, developer of the de facto toilet performance standards for the U.S EPA's WaterSense Program, in conjunction with Equity Residential and MJSI, a leader in water conservation products. The purpose was to reduce water demands in an apartment complex by retrofitting existing toilets without sacrificing performance.

In the study, 8-year-old 1.6 gpf toilets were retrofitted with the HydroRight™ drop-in dual flush kit that converts a standard toilet into a two-button toilet with a Quick Flush button for liquids and paper – the setting needed 4 out of 5 times - and a second Full Flush setting for more. The results showed that installation of the HydroRight reduced indoor water use by 30%. In the report, Bill Gauley, principle and co-founder of Veritec, said that installation of the HydroRight can be "expected to save even more water if retrofitting toilets that flush with 3.5 gallons or more."

Widely accepted in Europe and Australia, water-saving dual flush technology has only recently been introduced in the United States. Arriving first as dual flush toilets that  require replacement of the entire toilet, more recent plumbing innovation has produced dual flush converter kits that retrofit existing toilets into dual flush systems in minutes.

For more information about the study or the HydroRight, visit MJSI, Inc. at . The HydroRight is available nationally at hardware stores and on the internet for under $25.

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Marlena Cannon