New Technology is a 'Game Changer' for NFP Community Engagement, Allows Small NGO's to Finally "Go Mobile"

Communer app uses a brand new platform to make individual apps more realistic for community organizations - and a lot more effective than traditional options.

Dec 01, 2015, 08:36 ET from Communer

JERUSALEM, December 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Communer is designed to enhance community engagement from within the community - any community: schools, churches, clubs and more - while also allowing the opportunity to extend an invitation to outsiders looking for ways to participate.  

Many community organizations are currently considering the significant investment in creating their own app. They know that their users are no longer engaging regularly through their website, and that they need to adapt if they are going to keep up with their members. They also know that their open rates of e-newsletters is barely acceptable at 20%, and is for the most part shrinking. Their community members are moving with the rest of the market - to mobile.

Smart Insights statistics in early 2015 cite that "Mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop (42%)." And that "The trend in mobile device usage ('vertical screens') compared to all screen use again shows that we're well past the tipping point."

The Communer app is a revolutionary response to this trend. The platform allows for easier community management, by allowing the community manager to input all relevant events and news for any particular youth movement, city, church or community center into the app which automatically synchronizes with all other relevant online platforms (facebook, website, whatsapp, etc.) so the community is kept up to date but management time and costs actually go down.

The platform allows for an app to be built with the advantages of a custom-built app but with costs more comparable to an inexpensive DIY option that is far more limited in capability and scope. Communer's app-building communities (or 'communers') benefit from Communer's expertise of what community organization mobile user experience designs work. There is also an unique aspect of customization of premium interest to umbrella organizations; they can easily allow local branches to customize their own app, while still having push and pull data capabilities for their national (or international) office. This allows them to stay on top of data, alert members of national events, and conduct national campaigns while still maintaining the ease of autonomous management by each local branch.  The platform finds and engages community members better, faster, more efficiently, and in greater numbers. successful engagement is the cornerstone to any NFP's success - with participants, alumni and donors. And it was the original impetus for Communer's creation.  

Co-founder Eli Magzimof saw the problems of community engagement while working for several years in Eastern Europe: "Communer started from a very simple idea for my own Jewish communities to communicate better with their members and evolved into providing a wide and advanced solution for all nonprofits and beyond." Magzimof explains: "We have developed Communer firstly because in our age every form of community is having a really hard time reaching out properly to their people, but moreover, so that anyone can find out about any type of event, lecture or facility anywhere in the world in a simple App click."

The app is currently being built for and beta tested by over 230 communities in Europe, Asia and the United States. 

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