New Teseq Telecom Surge Module Tests Pulse of 10/700 Microseconds in Symmetrical Communications Lines

New Module Enhances Cost-effective Multifunction Generator System

Jul 19, 2010, 13:25 ET from Teseq Inc.

EDISON, N.J., July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Teseq Inc., a leading developer and provider of instrumentation and systems for EMC emission and immunity testing, has upgraded its NSG 3060 with a simple waveform module that generates an open circuit voltage test pulse of 10/700 microseconds.  Used to test ports intended for connection to symmetrical communications lines, the new telecom surge module, the TSM 3751, is used in conjunction with standard test modules, including EFT and combination wave, to provide testing configurations specifically suited to user's applications.

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The TSM 3751 enhances Teseq's innovative NSG 3060 test system, which features a modular architecture to cost-effectively meet the needs of basic as well as sophisticated test laboratories.  The new module easily fits into the NSG 3060 to provide a fast and convenient test setting that allows users to select source impedance from either 15 ohms or 40 ohms by simply pressing a button on the generator's color LCD touch screen.  It can also be placed into an expansion housing controlled by the generator's touch screen or via the Win 6000 software.  

The new surge module adheres to several industry standards, including IEC/EN 61000-4-5:2005 and IEC 60060-1, ITU-K series and ANSI/IEEE C62.41.  It meets the latest IEC short circuit current pulse form requirement of 5/320 microseconds, easily satisfies IEC requirements up to 4 kV and surpasses the UL 1950 safety test recommendation of 7 kV. In addition, when tolerance is taken into account, the TSM 3751 is compliant with ANSI-TIA-968-B, covering the 9/720 microseconds pulse form.

The TSM 3751 has a voltage range of 200 V to 7,700 V in 1 V steps as well as positive, negative and alternating polarity with floating pulse outputs.  Minimum repetition time for voltages up to 4,400 V is 20 seconds and 30 seconds with a voltage range from 4,401 V to 7,700 V.  Maximum repetition time is 600 seconds.  The TSM 3751 has an asynchronous coupling mode.

Pricing for the TSM 3751 starts at $5,250 and lead time is 4 to 8 weeks ARO.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Teseq was formerly known as Schaffner Test Systems until a management buyout was finalized in November 2006. The company provides EMC instrumentation and systems for radiated and conducted interference in the automotive, consumer electronics, telecommunications, medical, aerospace and defense industries. It has approximately 130 employees and has been accredited to perform calibration services according to ISO 17025 at its Edison, N.J. laboratory. Teseq is the only pulsed immunity manufacturer in North America with an accredited calibration lab.  

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