NEW! This App Will Bring in Emergency Aid Automatically!

Feb 28, 2012, 07:03 ET from alfom It systeme Tom Nolting

BAD SALZUFLEN, Germany, February 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

After serious traffic accidents every minute counts to notify emergency medical and fire services. If you are not even be able and Your vehicle is hidden off the road this new app can save your life.

The inventor of this program self is a lonelier frequent driver and lost in autumn 2010 his mother after she had an accident and was not discovered in time by other drivers. Her car was late at night on the road, overturned and was not visable by passing motorists. So Ms. Meyer waited immobile but still conscious, almost 2 hours to escape from the place she was. This fate motivated to create the new and meaningful software.

After several months of development and over 10,000 kilometres of motorway, it is now available for everybody.

It runs on a standard Android smart phone, and continuously monitors the vehicle's status. Assumed the unit in an accident, it offers the driver first a termination of the alarm. Without this aborting the unit informs in a fixed order certain destinations with all relevant data. In addition, others are alarmed at the nearby users of the system*.

Perfect for representatives, technicians, service technicians, commuters, truckers, bikers, tourists...

The currently available emergency calling systems are permanently installed in the actual higher priced cars and fixed linked to the vehicle. In addition, the European Commission has not yet cleared all the technical details of the planned planned eCall-system, witch is not available before 2015.

Thus, this life-saving technology for the foreseeable future for the mass market is not yet available.

This gap closes as the TripGuard app for smart phones and is also can be used worldwide.

Furthermore the system can prevent accidents by informing the driver to stop/making a rest in recommended intervals, based on the total travel time and clock time.

The following functions are available:

Automatic emergency message

Incident detection using continuous monitoring sensor (position, speed, motion, air bag, ...) and mathematical probabilities.

In the case of a detected accident, a sound alarm is triggered, which the driver can stop during some seconds. If the driver is not able to do this, the automatic automatic alarm messaging starts:

1. A SMS with the latest information such as position, direction, speed, .. to several numbers and also stored on our alarm server. There, the event will be tracked and clarified by our staff, too*.

2. By calling the appropriate emergency canter and with a synthetic voice spoken emergency message in position-/country-depending language). Then the device goes into a hands-free mode*.

3. After alerting the device periodically asks whether the person concerned might be found. Shall be acknowledged as long as three more calls for help fails every 15 minutes*.

4. An emergency call button also makes it possible to trigger the alarm manually

*The program is available in 4 versions, see function descriptions under

YouTube: Accident Prevention:

So it was not until the accident is various functions are available:

Rest Checks Traced travel times, travel parameters and pauses and asks dependent at irregular intervals for confirmation. Of time, travel time and response time, a determined and depends possible tired status recommended intervals by announcements.

Location-based alerts If you are moving toward a just a warning is timely reported accident with synthetic voice (eg to avoid accidents in the fog of mass). Driver in the immediate vicinity of an acute injury are also asked for help. In addition, current TMC data and Internet services are evaluated on the road to our server and read aloud on local relevance.

Black Box The data of the last 30 seconds of a Un-case are continuously stored and archived in the event of an alarm as a file on the memory card in the device. This simplifies the accident later Enlightenment.

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