New Training Overcomes the Misinformation and Failures of Speech Analytics

The Speech Analytics Market is in a holding pattern as misinformation and uncertainty abound. Greater knowledge is needed to take advantage of the cost saving and revenue generation potential of this call center analytics solution.

Sep 08, 2011, 13:11 ET from Customer Relationship Metrics, L.C.

STERLING, Va., Sept. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuing its almost two-decade mission, Customer Relationships Metrics, L.C. with origin in academia, sets its sights on helping call centers make better data-driven decisions with its availability of a complimentary Speech Analytics Training Series.

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Speech Analytics is positioned to be the most powerful tool in the call center arsenal. But just like many other technologies, it will never be realized unless the level of knowledge and skill within the industry is increased.  Look no further than the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software market to see how misinformation and the lack of knowledge can be so damaging to organizations.   When knowledge is limited it's too easy to succumb to the marketing messages and hype for call center technology solutions.

Only in the past few years have we seen improved success with the commonly reported 80% CRM project failure rate.  In fact, after several years and millions of dollars spent many organizations actually abandoned their CRM implementations.  Now here we are hearing about case studies with failure rates for Speech Analytics implementations.  It has taken well over a decade for the failure numbers to decrease with CRM implementations.  In today's marketplace, failures like what was experienced with CRM implementations can put a company out of business and cause job loss.  Speech Analytics will experience the same fate unless actions to educate are taken.    

"We need to get in front of this," says Dr. Jodie Monger, CEO of Customer Relationship Metrics. "I have spent my entire work life supporting and educating the call center industry on how to make better data-driven decisions using analytics.  Education and knowledge transfer are core components of our managed call center analytics services.  I do not want Speech Analytics to experience the same fate as the CRM software industry so we are making this Speech Analytics Training Series available to everyone, not just our clients."

It is easy to blame software vendors because the software they provide is not user-friendly.  CRM software received this complaint for many years and now Speech Analytics is getting the same complaint today.  Do not lose sight of the fact that when you are more knowledgeable with any subject, your complaint about excessive complexity and failure diminishes.  If the learning does not take place before a purchase or at the early stages of implementation, then failure is the most likely outcome.  With the tremendous pressures on cost cutting and competition, the business intelligence that can be captured through Speech Analytics means that those that educate themselves will be among the highest performers in the call center industry.

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Customer Relationship Metrics, L.C., headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, is a provider of managed call center analytics services.  Customer Relationship Metrics' call center business intelligence solutions focused on delivering full turnkey Customer Experience Analytics, Speech Analytics and Operational Analytics programs.  Customer Relationship Metrics uses SaaS (Software as a Service) data collection and reporting tools combined with subject matter expertise to significantly lower the in-house total cost of ownership and skilled personnel gap for call center analytics solutions.  Founded in 1993, its CEO, Dr. Jodie Monger, invented post-call surveying with the award-winning External Quality Monitoring Program (EQM™) and was the founding Associate Director of Purdue University's Center for Customer-Driven Quality.  Visit their award-winning blog:

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