New Trojan® Charged™ Sex Life Survey Gives A Peek Beneath The Sheets On How Americans Heat Things Up In The Bedroom

Survey uncovers that 50 percent of Americans feel their sex life needs a boost and they are going to great lengths to spice things up

Jul 12, 2012, 08:03 ET from TROJAN(TM) Brand Condoms

PRINCETON, N.J., July 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- When it comes to the bedroom, Americans are fun, fearless and adventurous, according to new research from the makers of Trojan™ Brand Condoms. New findings released today as part of the Trojan® Charged™ Sex Life Survey found that while two-thirds of Americans (18 and over) are satisfied with their sex life, one in two (50 percent) feel their sex life needs a jump start. 

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While Americans are having more sex (151 times a year / 2.9 times a week) compared to 2011 (120 times a year / 2.3 times a week), sexual satisfaction is on the decline, with 67 percent of Americans claiming to be satisfied with their sex life in 2012 versus 76 percent in 2011. There's room for improvement and Americans are looking for ways to charge things up under the sheets, with nearly 81 percent looking for ways to make their sex life more exciting.    

Fifty-six percent of Americans say they are sexually adventurous, with Midwesterners taking the lead in this thrill-seeking endeavor (60 percent). Meanwhile the South is in need of some satisfaction with 44 percent having faked an orgasm and 53 percent reporting their sex life needs to be charged, which leads the nation.

"We all have varying needs and desires when it comes to leading a fulfilling sex life," said Logan Levkoff, Relationship Expert and Certified Sexuality Educator. "We lead such chaotic lives that it's easy to become complacent in the bedroom. We need to make it a priority to maintain intimacy by having honest discussions with our partners about what turns us on, whether it's a new toy or a sexual fantasy."


Innovating for a Charged Sex Life
The makers of Trojan™ Brand Condoms sought to understand the ins and outs of what really turns Americans on and uncovered that one size does not fit all. Eighty-eight percent of Americans believe sex needs a little novelty now and then, and they are looking for ways to keep things fresh. 

  • Top ranking ways in which Americans charge things up include spontaneous sex (48 percent), using lubricant (40 percent), having sex someplace different (36 percent) and dirty talk (32 percent).
  • Seventy-two percent of pleasure-seekers would introduce a vibrator into the bedroom to shake things up and 70 percent are open to trying a new condom designed to enhance orgasmic pleasure.
  • Americans think outside of the bedroom – Thirty-two percent of Americans have had sex outdoors, with one in three having hooked up on the beach or at a friend's place and one in four at their in-laws' house.
  • Whether it's tweeting, texting or posting, Americans turn to technology when sex is on the mind – twenty-three percent have engaged in "sexting," 16 percent have sent a naughty photo or video and 22 percent have participated in phone sex.

Stats on Sex Coast-to-Coast
The makers of Trojan condoms surveyed the top ten markets to uncover the most sexually "charged" cities in the U.S. and found Miami and Atlanta are on top. Atlanta lives up to its "Hotlanta" status with residents proving to be the most sexually adventurous (71 percent) and exhibiting the highest sex drive (7.2 out of 10). Miami residents seem to keep things sizzling with the highest rate of sexual satisfaction (73 percent) and most sex (177 times a year). 

Dallas proves its cowboys know how to saddle up, with residents having the longest sack sessions (39 minutes), yet they are most likely to have faked an orgasm (47 percent). Meanwhile Bay Area residents prefer quality versus quantity, having the least amount of sex (120 times a year) and shortest sessions (31 minutes), yet have high rates of satisfaction (65 percent) and are least likely to fake an orgasm (31 percent).

He Said, She Said
The Trojan® Charged™ Survey uncovered the intimate details on how men and women think and operate when it comes to sex.  The findings show that while they are equally satisfied in the bedroom, men are constantly on a journey to charge things up.

  • Sex is on the mind with men thinking about the deed 15 times a day, versus women, who fantasize about the bedroom a mere four times per day. 
  • It's not the length that matters – 41 percent of men indicated they want sex to last longer, compared to 34 percent of women.
  • Men keep it real in the sack –19 percent of men have faked an orgasm versus nearly sixty percent of women, which may explain why more women believe they need to charge things up in the bedroom (52 percent).
  • Men are more willing to experiment in the bedroom, with 74% of men open to using a vibrator during sex (compared to 70 percent of women).

Sex Life Through Life Stages
Overall Americans are reporting a healthy appetite for pleasure; however, research shows sexual satisfaction and appetite vary based on life stages.

  • Parents work hard to keep things charged and are more likely to have spontaneous sex (54 percent), sex in different places (45 percent) and incorporate a vibrator (34 percent) than couples without children. 
  • Sexual appetite takes a plunge with age with seniors admitting to having sex 62 times a year (versus 151 times a year for Millennials) and a mere 53 percent claiming to be sexually satisfied (versus 76 percent of Millennials).
  • Boomers (32 percent) are the least likely to fake an orgasm compared to Millennials (45 percent), Gen X (45 percent) and Seniors (38 percent).

"We're seeing a movement where women and men are becoming more comfortable talking about sex openly and exploring their sexuality by getting innovative in the bedroom to charge things up, which is why we continue to get innovative in the lab," said Bruce Weiss, Vice President of Marketing for Trojan™ Sexual Health products. "Whether it's making vibrators more accessible, or introducing exciting, new condom variants like Charged, Trojan is always looking to ways to make sex more pleasurable and exciting."

From pleasure-enhancing condoms to new stimulating vibrators, the makers of Trojan™ Brand Condoms are dedicated to providing Americans with a variety of products that cater to every American's sexual need and help increase the pleasure factor in the bedroom.  Experience the intensified orgasmic pleasure of the new Trojan® Charged™ condom, the brand's newest innovation. The Trojan Charged™ condom has a special deep-ribbed design that adds thrilling stimulation, while the pleasure-charged lubricant inside and out helps keep things exciting right from the start. To learn more about Trojan Charged™ or other Trojan product innovations for the bedroom, go to or

About The Survey
The Trojan® Charged™ Sex Life Survey is based on two studies conducted by StrategyOne. The survey was conducted from May 4May 15, 2012.  The first, a national sample of 1,000 10-minute surveys were conducted online among U.S. Adults 18+.  The results are nationally representative based, weighted to U.S. Census on age, gender, region, ethnicity, income, education. With 95% confidence, the margin of error is +/- 3.1%. The data was weighted to ensure that the sample's composition reflects that of the actual U.S. population according to U.S. Census figures. 

The second is a study conducted online in ten major U.S. cities among Adults 18+. The cities are: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Houston. A total of 2,000 10-minute surveys were conducted. Sample size of 200 per city. With 95% confidence, the margins of error at n=2002 = +/- 2.19%

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