New Unlimited Wireless Plans Not a Fit for Over 93 Percent of Mobile Subscribers

New unlimited plans actually increase costs vs. discontinued family plans; How do consumers know what's best for them? has the answer.

Jan 25, 2010, 10:21 ET from Validas, LLC

HOUSTON, Jan. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- AT&T and Verizon Wireless recently lowered pricing on unlimited voice plans, generating headlines of increased competition and consumer benefits. But do consumers really know whether the new unlimited plans will actually benefit them?

In some cases subscribers will actually be forced to pay more for the wireless plans, especially in the case of family plans. Because carriers are now offering fewer options for big family plans, more people are being forced to move "up-plan" into unlimited plans, even though unlimited plans are actually oversized for them. For example, some popular 4,000-minute family plans were discontinued with the introduction of the new unlimited plans. Now a family of five will actually pay $480 more per year on the new unlimited plan, which is the closest option to their previous plan.    

"In an industry where the FCC is asking carriers to simplify wireless billing practices, new services, applications and calling plans are continuously coming to market, which inevitably creates more confusion," said Tom Pepe, founder and CEO of Validas. "The reality is that the more options there are and the more plans change, the less consumers actually know what's best for them." users have realized the following results since new unlimited plans were introduced:  

  • 7% were optimized for unlimited plans;
  • 89% realized voice plan savings;
  • 75% of existing unlimited-plan subscribers were better suited with 900 or 450 minute plans;
  • $540 – the annual savings existing unlimited plan subscribers realized after using (decreasing their average monthly cost from $170 to $125).


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