New Uses for Text to Speech: Acapela Group Changes the Image of Voice

Jan 27, 2010, 05:40 ET from Acapela Group

MONS, Belgium, January 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Acapela Group, expert and inventor of innovative vocal solutions, is creating a vocal world accessible to anyone, whatever the size of their project, in all fields, and positions itself as a key partner, giving its customers a powerful voice, helping them successfully take the floor.

Acapela is continuously reinforcing its strong commitment to the market while introducing numerous innovations to promote the use of text to speech for offline and online solutions, aimed at both professional developers and a wider public.

Owner of its technology, offering bespoke solutions, chosen by over a thousand customers and adopted by millions of users throughout the world, Acapela has considerably evolved since its creation in 2004. Acapela has harnessed its know how as a technology provider to become a Voice expert, ideally placed to answer all vocalization needs, at all levels.

New vocal developments

With over 50 million talking e-cards sent around the world since its creation in November 2008, the success of - Acapela's online sparkling laboratory- confirms the enormous interest of a non-specialist audience. Acapela VaaS, the online voice generation cloud computing service, Acapela TTS for iPhone, in the highly creative appstore world, Acapela Kiosk, which allows the easy vocalization of newspapers or the upcoming Acapela Box, for online and on demand voice file production, are the latest developments demonstrating Acapela's determination to provide efficient and simple solutions, across a wide range of environments and uses.

'Acapela is dedicated to improving the quality of voice synthesis through R&D and creates new opportunities for its use, inventing new vocal solutions and business models to provide highly natural voices to all users' says Lars-Erik Larsson, Acapela Group CEO.

New uses are being introduced offering solutions which open the vocal universe to a wider public. To help guide everyone, Acapela has grouped its products and services into four main families, featured on the new corporate website (

- Integration and development of text to speech engines, which remains its core activity, - Production of sound files, to allow easy generation of files from any computer, without the need for any technical knowledge, - Accessibility solutions to answer specific user groups needs, for whom text to speech is essential to gain in autonomy and access information, - Tailor-made voice creation, to meet a growing trend for the use of personalized voices in corporate marketing activities, helping create a company or brand audio strategy.

The growing speed with which companies are adopting 'tailored-made' voices thanks to 'Acapela Voice Factory' is another strong market signal validating Acapela expertise and capacity to help its customers with their audio marketing strategy. Developed on behalf of prestigious customers such as Accor or Banverket (Swedish railways), exclusive voices created by Acapela shape the customer's charter and enrich its image with a full vocal dimension. The Voice becomes one of the company's spokespeople, delivering and promoting a consistent and identifiable voice to distinguish the application or service.

25 languages and 50 voices are already available in the Acapela repertory. New ones are under development. Acapela vocalizes many services and applications throughout the world and is at present particularly talkative in e-ducation, books, mobile internet and cloud computing to keep facilitating content access for all. R&D teams are actively working on new and upcoming innovations, to create and produce more emotions, reflect all accents and come ever closer to the natural voice.

About Acapela Group

Acapela Group, the leading European voice expert, invents text to speech solutions to give your content a voice in up to 25 languages. Our speech solutions allow you to turn any written text into natural speech files, using any of our 50 High Quality standard voices or your own synthezised voice talent. Acapela can answer all text to speech needs and provide perfect vocalization whether for voice integration and development, online & on demand use, audio files production, or ready to speak products for personal accessibility use.

Check out - the sparkling laboratory of Acapela Group, for a fresh and exciting take on how speech synthesis can now be used: is a showcase and test playground that shares the possibilities of speech synthesis with Internet users, allowing them to discover innovative and attractive ways to make smart use of speech applications online.

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