New Vehicle For Sharing Medical Records Sets Standard For Privacy, Security, Convenience

Free HIPAA-Compliant Service Helps Alleviate Physician and Patient Risk

Jun 17, 2014, 08:00 ET from SurDoc

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MILPITAS, Calif., June 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SurDoc®, the  leader in creating and providing secure cloud services, announces the launch of SurMD™, a new line of HIPAA-compliant services for physicians, hospitals, and patients to securely archive and share critical medical records over the Internet. SurMD's first offering, SurLink™, is available at no cost to consumers and is one of the few – and the most secure – HIPAA-compliant ways to exchange important and often time-sensitive medical information.

"Physicians cannot afford the risk of having their patients' medical records compromised," said SurDoc Co-Founder Yvonne Li. "SurLink helps healthcare providers protect their patients and themselves, while giving them real-time access to test results, patient histories, and medical records."

A SurLink user can select up to five files from their computer and share by sending a secure URL to recipients. The sender is required to deliver an access PIN generated by SurLink to the recipient in a separate communication for added protection. Once downloaded successfully, the link will no longer be valid, providing bulletproof security during the entire communication.

Healthcare providers benefit from total patient privacy while improving response times through effective and secure collaboration. The outdated practice of sharing medical reports through CDs is time-consuming, and using standard email can be subject to security breaches. Providers can share files to consult with colleagues in real-time and exchange records with insurance companies and imaging centers. Patients experience convenient and hassle-free communication, protection against identity theft and an overall reduction in wait times while the results of a test, for instance, can be instantly and securely shared with their referring physicians.

"Electronic sharing of medical records has brought enormous benefit to the entire healthcare community, yet security breaches are rampant," says Peter Junge, SurDoc HIPAA Compliance Officer. "SurLink cloud-based technology overcomes that problem because, unlike non-encrypted compact discs and emails, it guarantees data protection.  As the most secure HIPAA-compliant method available for sharing sensitive medical information, SurLink sets the industry standard."

SurMD also offers add-on services that enable patients to archive their detailed medical histories and billing information "virtually" so that they can access it when they relocate, are out of town or visiting different doctors, especially in emergency situations.  Physicians also have the option to archive patients' medical histories, test results, medical records and reports.

SurMD and SurLink are part of SurDoc, the leading provider of next-generation ultra-secure cloud services. SurDoc cloud services are reliable, scalable and affordable and can seamlessly integrate with any software platform. With over 100 technology patents filed globally, SurDoc has received a number of awards including the 2013 Excellence Award from Cloud Computing Magazine. Several millions of users have entrusted their data to SurDoc. For more information, visit  For information on SurDoc healthcare-specific solutions visit To access SurLink File Sharing service, visit