New Vindico Adtricity™ Report Finds Nearly 60% of Digital Video Ads Lack the Opportunity to Be Seen by a Viewer

Vindico's viewability and verification tool, Adtricity, reveals Major Media publishers boast highest viewability share of impressions

Dec 18, 2013, 09:00 ET from Vindico

NEW YORK, Dec. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading video ad server, Vindico, today released the findings of their latest report conducted through the company's digital video ad viewability and verification tool – Adtricity. The report analyzed over 3.9 billion video ad impressions that passed through Adtricity over a two-month period. Adtricity measures the quality of the video ad by analyzing over 100 metrics including ad placement, player size and performance.

Vindico's Adtricity found that nearly six out of 10 online video ads lack the opportunity to be seen by a viewer. Estimates indicate the high instances of non-viewable video ads have a significant impact on CPM, with the cost to deliver viewable ads surging 133%, given that current waste.  

The Adtricity data report also found that viewability varies by publisher site type: Major Media Brands, Internet Brands or Ad Networks/Exchanges. Over the two-month period, Major Media Brands reported the highest viewability, at times tripling the degree of viewability compared to other placements across the different publisher site types.

"Online video advertising is a young and quickly growing space," said Matt Timothy, president of Vindico. "What these findings show is that we're building that space on a rickety foundation. We as an industry need to start behaving more like our counterparts in Television in terms of quality and create a sustainable, healthy industry and a clear path for brand investment."

Vindico, which delivers roughly 30-40% of the industry's digital video advertisements, has made it a mission to help clean up the fraudulent and manufactured video views reported to agencies and brands. The company cites three critical components for best practices in viewability measurement:

1) Scale:  A solution tied to an ad serving platform, such as Vindico, reduces complexity and offers much-needed market coverage.
2) Comprehensive Look:  A viewability solution must have the ability to fully 'read' the impression to ensure the greatest degree of measurable impressions.  Solutions dependent on geometric coordinates alone miss significant opportunities for measurement.
3) Reporting: Frequency and depth of analysis (such as reporting down to the second) is necessary to properly evaluate campaign performance.

Vindico's Adtricity is a comprehensive measurement of quality unifying two concepts: verification and viewability. Adtricity's standardized and transparent system of measurement evaluates over 100 metrics.

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Vindico is the first ad management platform dedicated to video and sits at the center of the digital video ad eco-system, delivering more than one-third of all digital video ads. Vindico's video ad management platform gives brands and agencies a single solution to serve, track, measure and buy all of their digital video ad activity. Since 2006, Vindico has been the gold standard in digital video platforms and works with top media agencies and their clients. Through continued technology innovation, Vindico also helps companies increase engagement with interactive video ad units for their customers, which boost the results of their investments. In 2013 Vindico launched Adtricity, a quality ranking system that evaluates publishers and online video advertisers and addresses the overall quality problem in the digital video advertising industry based on two pillars of measurement: viewability and verification. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter at @Vindico_group.

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