New Wearable Helps Runners Run Smarter, Launches on Kickstarter

'TUNE' is the Only Wearable that Monitors In-Shoe Both Feet Simultaneously, Measures Running Performance over Time and Provides a Personalized Training Plan to Improve Technique

Jul 14, 2015, 15:04 ET from Kinematix

AUSTIN, Texas & PORTO, Portugal, July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- TUNE, the newest wearable for runners has launched on Kickstarter, with a goal to raise $100 000.

TUNE, created by Portugal-based Kinematix, is a simple, easy to use wearable that goes beyond measuring basic stats such as pace or speed, but also measures each foot's ground-contact time and heel-contact time. It is the only wearable on the market that monitors in-shoe both feet simultaneously during a run to get the relevant parameters that allow the assessment of running technique.  It also provides an individualized exercise plan based on the analysis of each runner's personal profile and the patterns detected during runs and training.

Features of TUNE include:

  • A pair of insoles contains electronic sensors, developed in collaboration with IEE, a global leader in safety sensing systems , that sync with small electronic devices that connect to the outside of each shoe.
  • TUNE provides a post-run analysis that shows the evolution of the runner's technique throughout a run, and over longer periods of time
  • The analysis also includes a customized exercise plan designed to improve exactly the movements and muscles needed to maximize the runner's technique. The TUNE app even shows the runner how to do the exercises.
  • TUNE measures the evolution of the balance/symmetry of several parameters between the left and right feet during a full run.
  • The TUNE insoles are very thin and fit in almost any running shoe
  • There is no need to wash the insoles, as they are not in direct contact with the feet, but under the shoe insole
  • TUNE monitors up to 8 hours of running, there is no need to charge the battery after every run

TUNE was created by Kinematix, a Portuguese company that has spent the past 8 years studying body movement and how to analyze and improve biomechanics using technology.  Kinematix also worked with Run4Excellence to determine the best running parameters to measure and include in the TUNE app.

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