New Website Changes Everything About Buying Online Puts Users in Control of the Buying Experience

Sep 08, 2011, 12:27 ET from Ubokia

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the way people buy changes forever with the worldwide launch of The new website shifts the buying paradigm with a revolutionary "want-centric," community-driven platform that puts the user in control of the buying experience.

"This doesn't change one thing about buying; it changes everything," said Mark Pine, Silicon Valley veteran and Ubokia CEO.

"The way people buy goods hasn't significantly improved since the exchange of obsidian and flint during the Stone Age! This is evolution by revolution. We're literally reversing the way people buy. At, you post what you're looking for—from a custom bicycle to fine wine to raising money for charity—and sellers line up to make you offers. Thankfully, the era of 'taking what you can get' is coming to a close. Welcome to the era of Getting What You Want!"

A 2009 Econsultancy study found that 90% of consumers online trust recommendations from people they know. Only 35% trust opinions of unknown users. Yet most people buy from sellers they don't know on websites such as Craigslist and eBay.

"Bottom line: it's fun, it's simple and it's social," said Scott Pine, Founder & CMO. "The entire Ubokia experience revolves around a user's want. Think about that for a moment. Here's how it used to work: you'd search myriad listings until your eyes glazed over. In desperation, you'd either take what you can get—or get nothing at all.  It turns buying on its head:  You submit a 'want' and the Ubokia Buying Community helps you get it.  You define and control your buying experience. I believe we are going to change buying forever."

A March 2009 study by Knowledge Networks found that 24% of US social media users turned to social networks when making purchase decisions about various categories of products and services—and that number is growing rapidly. harnesses the power of a person's social community to empower them to get what they want.

"I'm a cyclist, so that's an apropos example," said Scott Pine. "Say you want a Trek Speed Concept with SRAM Red components and Bontrager wheels for less than $5,000. You post your want on, and your community—those you know and trust—helps you get it. You spend more time enjoying life and less time searching ads."

There are no limits to how people can benefit from Whether it's a vintage motorcycle, a haunting bottle of Pinot, or a few good volunteers, connects users with the things about which they're most passionate.

"This isn't merely about buying and selling," said Mark Pine. "It's about dreaming and doing. Ubokia enriches our quality of life by helping us get what we want, better and easier. Life is short. People shouldn't settle for what they can get. They deserve to get what they want."

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About Ubokia is an online community designed to help you get exactly what YOU want, whether it's a bicycle, a job or someone to help you clean up a local park. As a member of, you can share your wants to a vast community of Ubokians as well as people in your social network. The community provides advice and works to help you fulfill your want. In addition to posting wants, you can browse the wants of others, respond to these wants, and share wants with friends and associates through social networks.


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