New Website Can Turn Your Home's Trash Into Cash

Online media trading company makes it faster and easier to sell used music, movies and video games

Jul 16, 2012, 11:00 ET from

GRAND BLANC, Mich., July 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --, a new website, gives money conscious consumers across the United States the simplest, most engaging, fastest platform to earn cash by selling their used CDs, DVDs and video games.

At a time where the economy has created a shortage of cash, releases the cash that is already in your home – with CDs you no longer listen to, DVDs you no longer watch or video games you no longer play. 

"When you need cash, chances are you can get some just by checking around the house," said co-founder Ron Lund. "We all love music and movies, but as the world transitions to digital media and as our tastes change, consumers just don't need their old discs anymore. If you've already moved on to something new after your last Adele, Bruce Springsteen or Eminem CD, you can sell it for cash on"

The entire site, located at, is dedicated to helping customers easily turn their used CDs, DVDs and video games into cash. It takes just a few minutes to put some additional cash in your hands because the process is simple. Customers first determine the value of their used discs. They do that by entering the unique barcode number from each CD, DVD or video game into the site.  They then receive an estimate of the disc's value. will offer cash for nearly every disc with a valid barcode number.

"We have spent a lot of time and effort ensuring the customer experience is quick and easy," Lund said. "Unlike other sites, you can get paid for your CDs and DVDs just by entering your contact information, with no complex registration process. There is incredible demand for a fast, easy-to-use platform to sell CDs, DVDs and games."  

After determining their trade value, users mail the discs they want to sell to the new U.S.-based, processing center. The company issues payment via mailed check, within about a week after the discs arrive.  Customers also will have the option to donate the proceeds to charity.

For the company's first year of operation, expects to pay more than $5 million to customers across the United States.

"We're encouraging people not to throw away their old CDs, DVDs and games but to be environmentally conscious, clear some clutter and get some cash," Lund said. More than 50 million discs are sent to American landfills or incinerators every year.

Because is a fresh, new idea, the company is proud to use a fresh, new Internet suffix - the fastest-growing extension in the world and one that is already popular for international organizations.

In addition to creating American jobs and putting cash into the pockets of consumers, anticipates collecting funds for charity from customers who choose to donate their cash.  Its first charity partner is Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, an organization with more than 90 years of history creating jobs.

"We thought that a nonprofit that provides job training and development programs in the community hit hardest by The Great Recession is an ideal choice for our first charity partner.  We hope customers will join us in supporting this cause," added Lund.

Mobile apps for the iPhone and Android platforms are in development.

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