New York City Energy Benchmarking Law Leads To Building Savings

Energy Analytics Experts Highlight National Problem of Need for Utilities to Provide Property Managers with Deeper Data

Dec 20, 2012, 08:56 ET from Energy Infotech NYC

NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Energy Infotech NYC, a new not-for profit organization, brought together leaders at the intersection of energy and information technology to address the topic, "Benchmarking & Building Systems," and the process of going from the required benchmarking of energy usage for buildings 50,000 square feet and up (Local Law 84) to generating savings in those buildings.  According to panel moderator and Barrett Capital Managing Director Barry Korn, "building owners and managers must develop a plan that goes from benchmarking to energy audits and installing building management systems to achieve savings at their building level."  The panelists confirmed that benchmarking energy usage is a good start, but pointed out that utilities need to provide far more detailed data if meaningful energy and monetary savings are to be realized.

All of the panelists agreed that a necessary step on the road to greater energy efficiency is for property management companies and their energy analytics consultants "to get better data" from the utilities. The issue of how utilities nationwide and ConEd and National Grid locally can make good on the promise of Local Law 84 was highlighted at Energy Infotech NYC's December breakfast event held at the law firm of Loeb & Loeb. 

According to Jeff Perlman, President of Bright Power, while "benchmarking is great," the data as currently provided by the utilities is superficial, which makes "a sophisticated analysis of electricity usage tailored to specific clients very difficult."  Dave Unger, COO of US Energy Group feels that "given everyone is interested in energy efficiency, why is it so hard to get meaningful data?"  To use a baseball analogy, it's as if the utilities are providing simple batting average and home run data when property management firms and their analytics consultants need more in-depth, "Moneyball" style metrics.  Greenwich Energy Solutions President and COO Nick Speyer offered that the utilities have little incentive to provide better data as, "their IT systems are very complex and expensive to change." Speyer is not sure what will change things but he is sure that "the end user benefits from better data."

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