New York Law Firm Ronai & Ronai, LLP. Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Seeking 400 Million Dollars On Behalf Of The Family Of Violinist Sandor Feher Killed In The Concordia Disaster

Aug 07, 2012, 10:11 ET from Ronai & Ronai, LLP

NEW YORK, Aug. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- New York law firm Ronai & Ronai, LLP. filed a federal lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (12CV-5814) on behalf of the family of Hungarian violinist Sandor Feher, seeking $400 million in damages for gross negligence against the cruise ship companies, Carnival PLC, Carnival Corporation and Costa Crociere, S.P.A.

Sandor Feher, was a promising musician who died while trying to help evacuate other passengers after the occurrence.

In the lawsuit, Ronai & Ronai, LLP, who represented the families of the two Hungarian students killed in the Philadelphia duck boat accident, also ask for punitive damages against the cruise companies, alleging that they knowingly or with conscious indifference failed to properly train Schettino and other crew members in safely evacuating those onboard the ship. Holly Ostrov Ronai, Esq. stated that "Notably, few, if any, of those onboard the ship died from the impact itself. Rather it was the aftermath, the chaotic aftermath with lack of supervision and proper evacuation procedures that caused innocent people, such as Sandor Feher, to lose their lives. These cruise ship companies could have prevented Sandor Feher's death by simply training the crew properly to handle an emergency situation."

Just days before the lawsuit was filed, photos and videos surfaced of Captain Schettino enjoying a speed boat ride in Italy with a friend. Peter Ronai, Esq. stated, "The fact that Schettino is out having a wonderful time, and on the water no less, after deserting the ship and those in his charge, adds insult to injury for the survivors and families of the deceased. The family of Sandor Feher is furious that Captain Schettino, is continuing on with his life as if the Costa Concordia tragedy had not occurred and furthermore, has yet to demonstrate any genuine remorse."

Ms. Ostrov Ronai added, "Although the family knows a lawsuit cannot bring Mr. Feher back, they believe that all those responsible, including Schettino and the cruise ship companies, must be held accountable one way or another, so that this never happens again."


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