New Zeta Interactive Survey Indicates Cross-Channel Integration a Priority Among Digital Marketers, But Only Few Are Able to Execute

Leading interactive agency taps 300 marketing executives at Digital Marketing Days event to gain insight on top challenges in today's digital landscape

Jun 17, 2010, 16:01 ET from Zeta Interactive

NEW YORK, June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- A new survey conducted by Zeta Interactive, a leading full-service digital marketing agency, indicates that while digital marketers place a high priority on integrating their efforts across multiple channels, most are unable to execute effectively. 

The Zeta Interactive Marketing Synergy Survey, conducted among nearly 300 digital marketers attending Digital Marketing Days in New York City this week, indicated that while 3 in 4 marketers recognize the value of coordinating their efforts across multiple channels -- from their web site, to their search marketing, email, social, mobile, etc. -- an overwhelming 70% said they currently do not integrate their efforts or are only in the early stages of doing so.

The new survey, while not statistically projectable, is indicative of the daunting challenges digital marketers face when trying to orchestrate multi-channel campaigns.  Among the top challenges marketers cited were their own internal organizational structures that make integration challenging, inadequate current technology, working with multiple vendors, and lack of cross-channel expertise. Nearly 1 in 5 marketers said that all of the above challenges were impeding their efforts, while only 13% indicated they faced no challenges whatsoever.

Top Challenges to Marketing Integration:

Organizational structure


Current technology


Working with multiple vendors, agencies and specialists


Lack of cross-channel expertise


All of the above


Currently have no challenges


"In today's environment, competition is more fierce than ever before, and it's clear that marketers realize that the integration and optimization of their efforts across the full spectrum of interactive channels is necessary to achieve their goals and objectives," said Al DiGuido, CEO of Zeta Interactive. "Marketers who continue to approach their campaigns in a silo'd manner are doomed to ineffectual and costly initiatives. As the Zeta Interactive Marketing Synergy Survey illustrates, marketers are increasingly aspiring to integrated campaigns, however the vast majority continue to treat their marketing campaigns in silos. From email, to search, to social, to mobile marketing channels and beyond, our aim is to help these marketers integrate their efforts across multiple channels because we've seen the significant impact this can make on the ROI on their programs as well as in creating a seamless brand experience that today's consumers increasingly demand."

The release of the results from the Zeta Interactive Marketing Synergy Survey comes on the heels of the tremendous recognition the company has received for its Synergy Series, in which Zeta Interactive has teamed up with leading analyst firm Forrester Research to produce a series of webinars focused on helping marketers craft effective cross-channel strategies in their digital campaigns.  The debut Synergy Series webinar, entitled "Email and Social Media: Joining Forces to Drive Customer Acquisition and Deepen Engagement," achieved record-breaking registration and attendance figures and a warm reception from the marketing and trade media community. Zeta Interactive's next Synergy Series webinar will be taking place on June 28th.

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