Newscom Launches Pixation Images: A Content Licensing Platform for Creative Multimedia Content

Apr 23, 2013, 12:56 ET from Newscom

SALT LAKE CITY, April 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Newscom, the world's largest multi-agency library of digital images, announces the launch of its sister company, Pixation Images: a spectacular new platform for licensing creative content for commercial use.  


Pixation Images has partnered with some of the best creative photographers and photo agencies from around the world to provide stunning and unique stock photography.  With partners like akg-images, Cultura, Danita Delimont, DPA, imagebroker, Robert Harding, and Tetra Images, Pixation Images has a rapidly growing collection of diverse content that includes travel, stock, lifestyle, and creative imagery. And those partners (along with many others) are also adding new content around the clock to ensure that clients will get to see the best and freshest pictures.

Commenting on the launch, CEO and President of Newscom, Scott Calder, said, "We are certain that Pixation Images' combination of the world's most advanced digital media technology plus its enormous and rapidly growing library of creative imagery will delight our customers. Moreover, we add thousands of images daily and continue to develop and implement innovative technologies to help users find exactly the image they need. We help our customers find amazing needles in very large haystacks."

Those who are familiar with Newscom (or Mainstream Data, Inc. which owns and operates both companies) will see a lot of similarities in what Pixation Images clients can expect. Pixation Images still has the same commitment to quality customer service and has the same leading technology platform that makes Newscom one of the best sites to find editorial images.

But the launch of the new product and new website (, and even the name, is a way to illustrate a new direction with company. Pixation Images is focused first (a "fixation" if you will) on providing the kind of quality creative images that will help clients sell their story.

"Pixation Images builds on Newscom's position as a leader in the content licensing marketplace and provides commercial clients with a welcome alternative," said BJ Warnick, Vice President of Sales, Rights, and Licensing at Pixation Images and Newscom.

Pixation Images is committed to customer service and ease of use. This means clients will be able to get help 24/7 and every client will have access to a real person when they have questions or need help. Pixation Images will also have free research available. 

Pixation Images is launched and now available for client registration. Visit to register for an account or email to learn more.

About Pixation Images
Pixation Images licenses unique, stunning digital media to help you tell your story and sell your products. We source the best in digital images, graphics, and video from hundreds of photo agencies and individual photographers around the world. Pixation Images is a sister company to, the largest multi-agency library of digital media in the world with more than 75,000,000 editorial images, graphics, text news stories, and video clips. Pixation and Newscom are owned by Mainstream Data, Inc.

Twitter: @Pixationimages

About Newscom
Newscom is the largest multi-agency library of digital media in the world, hosting more than seventy-eight million objects that include images, graphics, video clips, news stories, and digital images. Partnered with nearly 200 photographers and agencies, we serve digital media to the major (and minor) newspapers, magazines, broadcasters, and websites around the world. Newscom's collections include extensive libraries of editorial news and celebrity/entertainment photographs, creative images, historical photos, and compelling sports content.

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About Mainstream Data Inc.
Mainstream Data is the world leader in providing software applications and services for the storage, management, display, and delivery of multimedia content. Global press associations, stock and news photo agencies, major newspapers, broadcasters, and websites depend upon Mainstream's technology to conduct their business—every minute of every day. In addition, Mainstream has provided and continues to operate survival dependent satellite networks for news agencies, content distributors, movie studios, and critical care information companies—and has been doing so for more than 25 years.

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