NewsGator Sponsors Influential Enterprise 2.0 User Group Initiatives

Eagerly anticipated webinars and privacy research to advance best practices in social computing

Jan 26, 2010, 11:26 ET from NewsGator Technologies, Inc.

DENVER, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- NewsGator, the company making SharePoint social, today announced it will sponsor two key initiatives for The 2.0 Adoption Council:

  • A four-week webinar series providing guidance on Enterprise 2.0 adoption
  • An upcoming research report on European Privacy Concerns.

The 2.0 Adoption Council is a member-driven peer forum of social computing champions from large organizations implementing Enterprise 2.0.

"The initiatives NewsGator is supporting will provide fresh new insights and perspectives from which all of our members can benefit," said The 2.0 Adoption Council founder Susan Scrupski. "We're grateful for NewsGator's participation in the development of this important content and the growth of our organization. As an established provider of enterprise social computing solutions to large organizations, NewsGator is a welcome addition to our early supporters."

Enterprise 2.0 is a rapidly emerging industry. Spending is projected to reach $4.6 billion by 2013 according to Forrester Research. The 2.0 Adoption Council, founded in June 2009, already has more than 100 member organizations representing over 10,000 employees each. The 2.0 Adoption Council members represent companies such as Alcoa, Booz Allen Hamilton, Alcatel-Lucent, Allstate, Corning, CSC, Disney, Eli Lilly, EMC Corp., General Mills, IBM, International Paper, Lowe's Companies, MetLife, Merck, Nokia, SAP, Schlumberger and Wells Fargo.

The Webinar Series will take place in consecutive weeks beginning in late January 2010 and will consist of:

  • January 28th: Webinar #1: Social Computing Adoption in the Enterprise "the Before" - Learn how to best develop the business case, gain buy-in, select technology and establish the team.
  • February 4th: Webinar #2: Social Computing Adoption in the Enterprise "the After" –Gather best practices on implementation, policy formation, training, and community management.
  • February 11th: Webinar #3: Enterprise 2.0 Case Study.
  • February 18th: Webinar #4: A second Enterprise 2.0 Case Study.

To register, visit NewsGator's website.

The other initiative NewsGator is sponsoring for The 2.0 Adoption Council is the European Union Privacy Concerns research report, to be released in March 2010, which will investigate the competing issues between European privacy regulations and the importance of transparency in social computing. The report will examine policy, law, technology, governance and compliance, drawing from one-on-one interviews with Council members and data privacy professionals. Council research partner Information Architected will conduct the research and prepare the report.

"With Enterprise 2.0 now far beyond the 'pro' or 'con' stage, we're helping to conduct important work for the future: determining best practices in execution and ensuring positive results," said NewsGator Vice President of Marketing Laura Farrelly. "The industry in general and our customers in particular – some of whom are Council members – are following the Council's activities very closely, and we're excited to be a part of it."

About The 2.0 Adoption Council

The 2.0 Adoption Council is a member-driven peer forum of business and IT leaders from large organizations intent on sharing Web 2.0 experiences, examining business implications, learning from peers as well as capturing value from the emergent, unstructured data associated with Enterprise 2.0. The objective is to gain practical insights on innovative business practices using 2.0 tools, processes and strategies for cost efficiencies during challenging economic times, as well as leveraging agility for competitive advantage. Basic membership is free to charter members.

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