Nex-Tech Wireless Offers Subscribers eSecuritel's Handset Protection Program

Operator's Customers Gain Access to Most Comprehensive Wireless Device Insurance Solution

Jun 02, 2010, 10:41 ET from eSecuritel

ATLANTA, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Nex-Tech Wireless, a premiere wireless provider offering national high-tech wireless solutions to residents in 33 counties of central and western Kansas, has taken another step toward ensuring it delivers the best possible customer experience. The service provider has selected eSecuritel to implement a handset protection program which will allow Nex-Tech Wireless' subscribers to gain additional peace of mind – the wireless industry reports that one in four customers either lose, damage or have their device stolen.

Through eSecuritel, the expert in comprehensive handset protection and replacement programs, Nex-Tech Wireless gains a valuable revenue generating tool that also helps to further improve the service the operator delivers to its subscribers. As consumers purchase increasingly more advanced and expensive wireless devices, the ability to offer a flexible and easy-to-implement handset protection program played a key role in supporting Nex-Tech Wireless' ongoing commitment to exceeding the expectations of its customers.

"Launching a handset protection program from eSecuritel allows us to bring our customers a proven means of safeguarding the investment made in the wireless devices they depend on every day," said Johnie Johnson, CEO, Nex-Tech Wireless. "Additionally, eSecuritel removes the burden from Nex-Tech Wireless of managing such an endeavor while enabling faster adjudication and handset replacement services to our customers."

With eSecuritel's Web-based Handset Issue Tracking System (HITS™) technology, Nex-Tech Wireless obtains an innovative software platform which streamlines the claim fulfillment process. Specifically, HITS manages all aspects of the handset replacement program from subscriber enrollment to claim fulfillment. The program also allows customers to get their replacement phone in-store and not have to wait while it is shipped to them through the mail.  

HITS combines information tracking, operations management and data analysis capabilities to deliver an automated process for replacing damaged, lost or stolen wireless devices. Coverage also includes malfunction or mechanical and electronic failure beyond the manufacturer's warranty.  

Additionally, all aspects of the eSecuritel program comply fully with Department of Insurance regulations throughout the United States and Canada and are underwritten by an "A-Rated" insurer.  

"We are excited to add Nex-Tech Wireless to the growing list of 23 top-notch carriers we serve today with our handset protection programs," said David Leach, CEO, eSecuritel. "Nex-Tech Wireless focuses on providing its customers with cutting-edge technology and great coverage, and they represent the type of quality carriers we serve – those who deeply understand their customers and are dedicated to customer satisfaction."

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Founded in 2001, eSecuritel, the expert in comprehensive handset protection and replacement programs, delivers an unparalleled customer experience for subscribers and profitability for carriers and dealers. Unlike other services where only malfunction is covered, eSecuritel protects new, used, or prepaid wireless devices against loss, theft and accidental damage as well as mechanical/electronic failure and malfunction. As the cornerstone to our services delivery, our Handset Issue Tracking System, or HITS™ technology, easily integrates with a carrier's or dealer's systems, managing all aspects of the handset replacement program from subscriber enrollment to claim fulfillment. It removes the burden of program management, making it possible to deliver faster adjudication and replacement services to subscribers. For more information, visit

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